5 TIPS AND ONE VITAMIN THAT WILL IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP (Not getting enough shut-eye? Read this and find out what you can do)

July 18, 2019

It’s a condition that affects everyone—lack of sleep.  Indeed, should anecdotal evidence be believed, most get by with only four hours of sleep a day, with some even getting less than that.


Getting seven or eight hours of sleep is important


This should not be the case of course, as lack of sleep can disastrously lead to a host of health conditions ranging from exhaustion to heart attacks, strokes and even a shorter life expectancy.

To be succinct about it, lack of sleep equates to ill health and may lead to early death.


Don’t be despondent though, as there are ways of improving one’s sleep that will only require just a little getting used to.  In the long term though, these sleep improvements can help a person improve his/her ability to sleep soundly with little effort.


Of course, there are people who will most likely opt for a pill solution, preferring to solve their sleep problems with so-called sleeping aids (pills), or the more natural melatonin supplements.  The problem with the former is that the body easily gets used to the dosages ingested and will in the long run require a person to take even higher dosages, if not enable a person to become addicted to it.  Taking melatonin on the other hand may be better for the body, but its effects may depend on a person’s constitution. What to do in this regard?  Well, there is one supplement that might help—read through until the end of the article to find out what that supplement is.  Here are five (5) tips and one vitamin supplement you can consider for improving sleep.


Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Collective lamentations will probably accompany this tip, as both beverages are two of the most popular drinks in today’s society, with the exception of tea.  Caffeine has always been known to cause sleeplessness and thus affect sleep patterns.  Much more surprising is alcohol, which most people resort to when trying to sleep. The truth for the latter, however, is that it is actually a stimulant masking as a depressive substance. As such, avoid taking either if you want to get a good night’s sleep, by refraining from both beverages at lease several hours before sleep time.


Coffee and Alcohol are not sleep aids as they are stimulants


Create your sleep sanctuary

Today’s hectic and toxic environment demands this.  If you can, transform your room or sleep area into a cool, dark and relaxing environment that induces sleep.  As a species, humans respond to the dark almost like a cue to be less active, while cooler temperatures induce a deep and relaxing slumber.


Other things to consider when creating your sleep sanctuary:  Use dark curtains to prevent intrusive light (whether natural or artificial) from entering the room; prevent pets from coming and staying in the room as they may demand active and constant attention; don’t put any TVs or computers in the bedroom as watching the TV can extend your sleep until a much later hour; while computers (laptops included) will result in more time devote to work rather than sleep.


Watching television can extend the time for sleeping until a much later hour, while computers and laptops may result in more time devoted to work rather than sleep


Stick to a sleep routine

As in everything of consequence, the preparation leading to the actual act of sleeping is important.  Ease yourself psychologically into giving in to slumber by taking a bath, reading a book, listening to relaxing music, meditating, using scents and scented oils of associated with relaxation (lavender and lilac come to mind), and more.  There is sound medical science related to this of course, as stressful activities and acts can actually make the body produce cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone associated with alertness.  Hence, if you want to sleep, be mindful of how your body might increase this hormone.


Do relaxing things to induce a state conducive for sleep


Don’t rock around the clock

Better yet, stop listening to the rock and roll ditty being referred to.  Likewise, remove all clocks (be it digital or mechanical) from your room.  For alarm clocks—if you need to have one to wake-up, better face it away from you and just the let the ringing (or buzzing, or whatever sound you’ve chosen) wake you.  Having clocks and being mindful of their every movement can result in stress and alertness, leading to the inability to sleep.


Here’s another suggestion, don’t keep a clock with a phosphorescent or illuminated face.  The light it shows can still stimulate the body’s internal clock and result in you being awake. 


Just be consistent

Humans are creatures of habit, and routine is as much ingrained in the human species as other animals. Just think of how some animals are categorized as either nocturnal (awake at night) or not.  The same goes with humans and you can improve on this tendency by sticking to a routine.   Routine in this instance refers to the time we sleep.  As such, if you find yourself sleeping at a certain hour, then by all means try to sleep every time on that hour every day.


Take a supplement

No, this doesn’t refer to a sedative or other so-called sleeping aids (or pills).  Taking these medications can result to dependence that results from the body’s resistance to them—hence, dependency or addiction.  It’s better to take a vitamin supplement in this regard, as it has other benefits for the body.


One such vitamin is Vitamin C.


Supplementing with Vitamin C improves the quality of sleep—especially for those with Vitamin C deficiency


Vitamin C is important to beneficial to the immune system.  But believe it or not, it is also helpful for better sleep as some studies show.  The reasons underlying this are still not definitively understood, but it seems that people with low levels of Vitamin C have been observed to have sleep problems and are more prone to wakefulness in the middle of the night, disrupting their sleep.


So, are you suffering from a lack of sleep? Why not try following the tips shown above and get the rest you need.


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