July 6, 2019

After the summer heat, it is safe to assume that you probably think that the rainy season with its cooler temperatures, increased water vapor and generally favorable environment (think greenery and generally refreshing atmosphere) will be better, right? Well, think again. The rainy season carries with it problems that may not prove ideal for one’s skin. For starters, the humid and damp weather may actually cause or lead to various infections. Skin infections are also more likely to happen during this time of the year as the damp weather encourages bacterial and fungal growth. Hence, it’s just logical that we follow some skincare tips that can help protect our skin. Also, the cooler clime may encourage us to eat more unhealthy foodstuffs with fat which can lead to a host of skin conditions like acne. As such, some measure of prevention and routine modification is imperative. Here are a few tips that may just tip the balance for a healthier and clearer complexion during this time in your favor:


Cosmo Skin Shower Gel is rich with moisturizers and collagen cleanses, hydrates and moisturizes skin


GENERAL TIP: The first tip is a no-brainer. Indeed, if you want to have a clean and clear complexion, it’s best that you avoid circumstances that may lead to contact with dirty water. In general, just avoid getting drenched during downpours and walking through floodwaters. Also, leave vanity aside and carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat at all times. Wearing rubber boots may just be too fashion forward, but keeping one on stand-by might be a practical consideration during this season. To keep your skin clean, better keep a bottle or two of Cosmo Skin Moisture Rich Shower Gel handy. It not only cleanses skin, but provides it with moisturizers that keep it soft and smooth; while the collagen lightens skin and is wrinkle preventive.

Cosmo Skin Collagen Powder Drink comes in unflavored (classic), lime and passion fruit flavors

KEEP HYDRATED: Believe it or not, despite the damp weather, the skin is easily dehydrated and becomes prone to dry skin. The change in temperature may have something to do with this and our own individual efforts to constantly dry our skin to alleviate the discomfort we constantly feel during this time. Of course, non-hydration can lead to a host of skin conditions. Hence, it is necessary to
apply a good moisturizer on dry skin. There are many ways by which we can keep our skin hydrated. The easiest would be to drink a lot of liquids. Second is to apply an moisturizer. To keep hydrated,

imbibing liquids is important. However, let us face it. Just drinking plain water is boring. It is better to increase its efficacy by adding Cosmo Skin Collagen Powder Drink to your choice of beverage. The collagen not only keeps skin soft and smooth, but is also anti-ageing. Cosmo Skin Collagen Powder Drink also comes in flavored variants with Passion Fruit and Lime readily available.


The oatmeal in Cosmo Skin Oatmeal Soap is a natural exfoliate. It also helps whiten skin


HELP FOR OILY SKIN. Oil on skin and the damp weather is a potent formula for encouraging the growth of bacteria and fungi. It can also lead to clogged pores, acne and even contribute to uneven skin tone. The solution? Scrub your skin. Scrubbing exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the skin leaving it rejuvenated and healthy—a perfect foil for the dark and stormy weather of the season.


To scrub and/or exfoliate, better buy a soap with exfoliating properties like Cosmo Skin Oatmeal Soap which removes dead skin cells, removes oil from skin and for added benefit contributes to lightening complexion. Use daily for better and effective results.


Cosmo Skin Intensive Repair Hand and Body Cream has Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C which results in smoother and whiter skin


MOISTURIZE: After scrubbing and exfoliating, it is best to moisturize. Most lotions are occlusive which help create a shield on the skin which prevents moisture to be removed. This shield a moisturizer creates also prevents some substances—not necessarily of the good kind, to be absorbed by the skin.

Cosmo Skin Intensive Repair Hand and Body Cream provides moisturization and can be applied twice daily, while guaranteeing smoother and whiter skin due to its unique formulation that includes Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C—a vitamin that has a lot of benefits to the skin (see below).


TAKE VITAMIN C. The change in weather and temperature can wreak havoc on one’s immunity and lead to illness during the rainy season; and of course, looking ill is visible on the skin for days on end especially if the illness is severe. What to do then? Take a daily dose of Sodium Ascorbate or Vitamin C. However, Vitamin C is more than just a powerful antioxidant. It also encourages the body’s production of collagen, which is the substance that keeps skin elastic, youthful and radiant. Cosmo Cee Vitamin C supplement can provide your daily dose of Vitamin C and more as it has citrus bioflavonoids (a natural form of Vitamin C) that renders Cosmo Cee’s formulation even more potent.


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