July 3, 2019

BFC Laboratories kicks-off a campaign promoting natural, radiant beauty that can be achieved naturally

Ariella Arida on the importance of Cosmo Skin Grape Seed Extract’s “No Filter” campaign: “It can be very empowering.”


MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Health enthusiasts, members of the press, social media influencers and those simply aspiring to switch to a more natural look  through equally natural and effective means; attended the kick-off launch of the newest campaign of BFC Laboratories and Cosmo Skin Grape Seed Extract (GSE), last July 3 at Alba Restaurante Español.


Dubbed as BFC Laboratories’ and Cosmo Skin GSE’s “No Filter” Campaign, it is the latest in a series of health-and beauty-related initiatives spearheaded by the company that seeks to help everyone achieve health and pulchritude through supplements that make use of 100 percent organic ingredients, particularly, through the best-selling brand Cosmo Skin GSE.


Ariella Arida who was at that time busy in a film hoot in Batangas, joined the press launch via video call and answered questions from the press and guests.The Ms. Universe 2013 Third Runner-Up and much sought after TV personality and actress, is now on her third-year as the “face” of Cosmo Skin GSE, and remains enthusiastic about the ingredients that make-up the beauty supplement which she say’s not only corrects darks spots, but likewise alleviates the effects of the skin condition known as melasma.

She finds the current campaign goes deeper and touches on issues that are not just about beauty, but also affects health and personal happiness.

“When we were discussing the campaign “No Filter, the first thing that came to my mind is that it’s about looking natural, through natural means—hence, achieving a look that will enable anyone to look beautiful even without the use of filters, especially when taking selfies,” she said


Ariella admits that like many selfie-crazy Filipinos, she sometimes uses filters and even has her favorites.


“I use “Paris” if I want to set a mood, or I use “New York”, if I want an artsy glow,” she shared, “But I realized soon enough that what I’m doing—even if I like it a lot—is just a fantasy. Ultimately, we just find ourselves comparing our filtered appearance to others.”


She noted that this may be harmful in the long run for one’s confidence, adding that there are other natural, healthful and helpful supplements that can help us achieve the beauty and accompanying self-esteem one deserves, sans the veil of digital gauze.


According to BFC Laboratories’ Founder and Co-Managing Director, Niño Bautista, the campaign was brought about by the company’s desire to make personal health and personal happiness part of the BFC’s health advocacy


Cosmo Skin Grape Seed Extract is made from 100 percent organic grape seed extract a powerful antioxidant that can help lighten skin, correct dark spots and alleviate signs of the skin condition, melasma


“Our company since its inception has made use of natural ingredients an essential part of our products. From plants that are traditionally used in Asian and Western medicine, we are mindful of striking a balance on the ingredients of our products,” he said. “We have actually gone farther by stressing health as a springboard for a naturally healthy glow and look that are encapsulated in the
words, ‘No Filter’—a phrase that has added resonance and meaning to the social media savvy public that BFC Laboratories caters to with its line of beauty, health and sports supplements.”

BFC aims to put the “No Filter” campaign within reach of the public. John Redentor Gatus Jr., co-founder of BFC said: “From here the public can expect numerous product promotions, beauty activations in malls and special events that will bring home our message of natural health and beauty. We are also thinking-up of other ways to make this message even more accessible and relevant.”

Ultimately, the “No Filter” campaign is expected to go beyond the public’s perception of health and natural beauty. “Being ‘natural’ and ‘Filter-Free’ is for me very empowering,” said Ariella, whose own natural beauty is evident in her flawless and blemish-free skin. “In the end, however, it actually enables anyone to embrace all the beautiful things that are in them and in the world. I think this will enable one to let true beauty to shine through—even without the help of filters.”


For more information about the “No Filter” campaign of BFC Laboratories and to view Ariella’s latest Cosmo Skin GSE commercials, log on to or follow Cosmo Skin on Facebook and Instagram at @bfclab and @cosmoskin for future promo announcements, animation schedules and related events. Also, for more information and articles about Cosmo Skin GSE, view our vlog at WellnessTalkTV for articles about one of the country’s leading dark spots corrector.




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