5 SIMPLE EXERCISES PERFECT FOR THE RAINY SEASON (Exercising is great! But remember to supplement)

July 1, 2019



The rainy season is here and if you are a workout enthusiast who likes to do your exercises in the great outdoors, the monsoon rains might pose a problem.  Indeed, even with a gym membership at your disposal, one might it difficult to go to one’s gym, given the flooding and traffic that makes movement quite a bother during that time. Of course, if one has the means a home gym might be

an option. But this solution is only available to a privileged few.


What to do then? Well, one can try these five, easy-to-do and non-gym equipment dependent exercises.


The Plank

The Plank is a very effective core exercise that’s noteworthy not only for its beneficial effects, but also because it allows an individual to actually do nothing!


This is an excellent exercise that lets you occupy as little space as you can imagine. In fact, it is so compact that you are not even expected to move! All you need to do is to go on a push-up position and hold still for as long as you like—just increase the length of time as you proceed with the series of exercises in your workout. 


Despite not moving, the plank is a core exercise that actually strengthens quite a number of muscles, including the abs, the shoulders and the back.  As a core exercise, it will improve overall performance and because of a strengthened core, will help protect the body from undue injury.


How should you go about doing the plank?  First, get down on the floor and into a push-up position.  Bend elbows 90 degrees and put your weight on your forearms.  Make sure that the elbows are directly underneath the shoulders.  Make sure that the body forms a straight line, suck in your stomach and hold it.  Start for a short period—at least 30 seconds; and lengthen the time spent planking daily.


The Push-Up

The Push-Up is the prime example of an effective compound exercise that targets multiple areas of the body


This is probably the best and most important solo exercise that man has ever devised. It provides a full body exercise when the term was not even invented yet.  Like the plank, it helps develop a number of muscles in the body and even exceeds it. As a compound exercise, it targets multiple muscles all at the same time, like strengthening the forearms, chest, shoulders, back, abs and legs. 


Like the plank, you don’t need any fancy equipment or occupy as much space.  It’s also very “portable” as you can do it anywhere just as long as there is enough level space to do it.


How should you go about doing the push-up?  Place hands on the ground, directly below one’s shoulders. Tighten your core and make sure that your body creates a straight line. Keep the body flat and straight and slowly lower your body towards the floor. Exhale and push yourself back-up and repeat.  Increase the number of push-ups as you do push-ups daily.


The Squat

The Squat stimulates muscle growth, strengthens joints, and even improves balance


There really is no excuse not to exercise, as the third one on this list is equally as easy to do.  Like the Push-Up, the Squat is another compound exercise, which means that it targets multiple muscle areas in the body.  It strengthens the core, the quadriceps, the hamstrings, calves, glutes, hips and the back. The squat also  stimulates muscle growth, strengthens joints and even improves balance.

It also engages the core and the lower back and improves posture.


How should you go about doing squats?  To perform a squat, stand facing forward with the chest up and feet shoulder-width apart.  Bend knees and push the butt back as if you are sitting down.  Keep the head up and arch the back slightly.  Lower thighs parallel to the floor.  Be sure to place your weight on your heels.  Rise back to starting position.


What’s nice about the squats is that as you proceed doing this exercise for a length of time, you can fancy it up by adding the use of weights that can provide additional benefits to one’s physique like strengthening the arms and the like.


The Bird Dog

The Bird Dog is ideal for improving overall physical performance and stabilizing muscles


This is one exercise that actually looks like a yoga asana (or pose). Like all the exercises on this list, the Bird Dog works well as a core exercise. As such, it strengthens the core as well as the lower back and helps to improve overall performance. It is particularly noted for strengthening the lumbar spine, as well as stabilizing the muscles.


How should you go about doing the Bird Dog?  First, start by getting on the floor on all floors. Keep the core tight (suck the stomach in), with the spine and neck not stiff but neutral.  Look down on the floor.  Keep the hips directly above the knees.  Keep the wrists directly beneath the shoulders as well.  Extend your left leg up until parallel to the floor but not above one’s hips. Afterwards, slowly lift your right arm, keeping it straight and parallel to the floor. Keep this position for several seconds, after which switch to the other arm and leg.  As a compound exercise, the Bird Dog also affects the glutes, the trapezeus muscle (muscle that helps moves the head and shoulders) in the upper back and the deltoids of the shoulders.


The Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge targets the glutes and is noted for strengthening the ham strings and adductors—a group of muscles associated with the thighs


As the name implies, this is an exercise that targets the glutes.  But like all the exercises on this list, it also targets the core, the hips and is even highly appreciated for preventing lower back pain. Aside from the core and the glutes, the glute bridge is also ideal for strengthening the ham strings and adductors (a group of muscles that help bring the thighs together).


How should you go about doing this exercise? Start by laying down on the floor, face-up.  Bend the knees and keep feet flat on the ground.  Keep arms at the side, with the palm facing down.  Slowly and carefully, lift the hips up and away from the ground.  Achieve a straight line running from the knees, hips and shoulders at a perfectly straight line.  Squeeze the glutes and tighten the core when the body is lifted.  Hold the position for a few seconds before going back down.


Derive the most benefits from any exercise regimen through proper nutrition and supplementation


Try to commit to at least four weeks to the above exercises and see a tremendous difference in your physique after the fifth.  But before you try any of these exercises, better consider your body’s needs for the proper nutrition and supplementation that can help you achieve all the benefits you can get from all these indoor exercises .  First off, consider taking Vitamin C a great antioxidant and source of immunity.  As you need to keep one’s energy despite the languor one experiences due to the wet, cold weather; a choice of sports supplements might be ideal to take especially those with amino acids that can help increase endurance, muscle mass and energy.  Try taking Cosmo Cee Vitamin C Supplement which contains citrus bioflavonoids help boost immunity, energy and even promotes good skin—ideal for a time like the rainy season when sunshine is in limited supply. 


Among the sports supplements that you may want to consider include the four Euphoriamaxx variants (L-Arginine, BCAA, Glutamine and Creatine). Depending on one’s needs, these four variants offer potent formulas that may increase endurance, increase muscle volume, reduce muscle inflammation and provide muscle nourishment that can help improve your performance. Moreover, do not discount the possibility of injuries—especially when it comes to joints.  For the latter, BFC Lab’s Joint Formula is ideal in providing the protection to the joints due to inflammation; while providing elasticity to cartilage and promoting the growth, repair and maintenance of bones and cartilage.


For more information about Cosmo Cee, Euphoriamaxx (L-Arginine, BCAA, Glutamine and Creatine) and other helpful exercise tips, log on to www.cosmo-skin.com  Also, for other  informative articles and videos on health and beauty, visit our vlog at WellnessTalkTV.









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