June 17, 2019

One of the country’s leading health supplements companies leads the with a supplement that combines three of the most noteworthy building blocks that ensure joint health


Bargn Farmaceutici (BFCLab), the Philippines’ leading Vitamin and Supplements Manufacturer, that is well-known for its innovations on Health, Beauty and Wellness formulations has announced the launch of BFCLab Joint Formula—an exclusive combination of three potent building blocks that has been proven to be effective in helping repair and maintain joints, leading to joint health.


“BFC Laboratories has always been associated with bringing innovation to the health supplements industry and with our newest health supplement, BFCLab Joint Formula we are introducing a new product that will bring hope and even alleviate suffering for people whose joint health are compromised,” say Niño Bautista, the Managing Director and Founder of the company.


“Our goal is to enable people to have a more informed choice when it comes to supplements that address joints health,” says Mr. Niño Bautista, Managing Director and co-Founder of BFC Laboratories


According to Mr. Bautista, people tend to overlook the health of their joints, even if what are at stake are their individual mobility, independence and general well-being. What’s even more disconcerting he adds is that joint health is no longer the older generation’s domain alone, but is now not uncommon to be a problem for individuals as young as 18 years-old, who may be suffering from common joint ailments we usually associate with mature adults.


“Joints are subject to a host of ailments,” he says, “including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and osteoporosis—all of which can restrict one’s mobility and freedom. Hence, it is important that we keep our joints healthy. Fortunately, with BFCLab Joint Formula, people have a choice from leading a compromised existence where pain and lack of mobility is the norm, to one of healthy, pain-free and mobile existence.


BFCLab Joint Formula is the newest product of BFCLab that combines three natural building blocks that help repair and maintain joints


“This is because it contains, BFCLab Joint Formula contains three natural building blocks that help repair and maintain joints,” he shares.


These includes:

Glucosamine: A natural building block known for its effect on growth, repair and maintenance of cartilage. It helps the cartilage to retain water, thus preventing its breakdown. It is a known precursor to healthy joints;

Chondroitin Sulfate: It gives elasticity and resistance to compression to the cartilage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent joint inflammation. Along with Glucosamine, it aids in the prevention of osteoarthritis; and


Marine Collagen: It is a key biological material in tissue regeneration and a biologically active component of tissues including skin, bone and cartilage. It is known to have numerous benefits to bones, including increasing bone size, mineral density, increasing ash weight, and promoting toughness and development of strong bones.


“BFCLab Joint Formula combines all these ingredients to create a supplement that address our need to repair and maintain the health of joints,” he notes, adding that the Joint Formula’s combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Marine Collagen addresses the body needs that contribute to overall joint health.


All of these he informs, when combined in one powerful product can provide much needed benefits that can alleviate our worries about losing joint health—especially when it comes to its most visible signs that may include impaired mobility and lack of independence.


“The truth is that we now have the supplement that can help nurture joint health and it comes through a helpful, healthful and effective supplement that can even be taken as a preventative,” Mr. Bautista concludes.

BFCLab Joint Formula is now available at all Watsons stores and select distributors retail locations and online, including BFCLab online stores, via and our


For more information about BFC Lab products, log on to or visit
the BFC Facebook Fanpage for more information and announcements on existing BFC
promos. Also visit BFC’s Instagram Fanpage @cosmoskinfanpage, for a list of new
products that BFC will launch this 2019.


About BFCLab:

BFC Laboratories is one of the leading health and lifestyle supplements manufacturer in
the Philippines.

It provides consumers with an array of cosmetics; health, beauty, weight management
and sports supplements that inspire people to take control and invest in their well-being.
It develops products that encourages a more proactive and natural approach to health
through the help of quality vitamins and natural supplements.

BFCLab’s network of distributors encompasses both traditional retail outlets (Watsons,
Mercury Drug, SM Supermalls Department Stores, Metro Pharmacy, Rose Pharmacy)
and online stores ( and with a major
presence in the Philippines; as well as strategic distributors in Southeast Asia, the
Middle East, Europe, North and South America.

BFCLab’s main headquarters and manufacturing facilities is located at the BFC
Industrial Centre in Cavite; with affiliate warehousing facilities in Batangas. BFC
regional offices can be found in the Visayas and Mindanao.

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