June 13, 2019

Intermittent Fasting is an ancient health-related practice that has been carried over to present times.  This is not surprising considering the number of health benefits that have been attributed to it that cannot be offered by conventional dieting.  What are these advantages?  Here’s a rundown of the most practical benefits it has to offer.


It Complements Any Diet

Whether one follows a religion, cultural or medically-inspired diet, intermittent-fasting can complement all of them as it is not bound by any restrictions.  Indeed, if certain foodstuffs are not advised (e.g. meat for vegetarians, gluten and nut for those with allergies) you can still practice intermittent fasting.  This also goes beyond nutrition. Even if your diet is dictated by money or job concerns, you can still manage it by including it in your routine—it’s that flexible.


Intermittent Fasting guarantees weight loss


It Can Be Practiced At Anytime, Anywhere

Speaking of flexibility, intermittent fasting can be practiced anytime, anywhere according to your schedule.  In fact, you are the one who sets the schedule, as you can fast anywhere between 10 hours to 10 days—it all depends on you.  The only rule is that you follow it until your last day of fasting; and if you want it to be a regular routine in your life, you have to practice intermittent fasting consistently.


It’s Guaranteed to Result in Weight Loss

There is a preponderance of diets today.  There’s the Low-Carb Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, and a host of others usually named after its place of origin (e.g. Beverly Hills) or the celebrity advocating it.  However, all these are the so-called “one-setting” diets dependent on a single item or way of eating, to achieve results. 


Any low carb diet for instance depends on eliminating carbs in one’s diet to lose weight; while the Mediterranean diet depends on consuming olive oil and other foodstuffs found around the Mediterranean for weight loss.  But what if not eating carbs is not an option?  Or what if Mediterranean foodstuffs are in short supply?  This won’t happen when fasting as it is not dependent on anything except the voluntary withholding of food to result in weight loss.  Moreover, you can achieve weight loss at your own pace, depending on how long you can fast.  For the record, the longest time intermittent fasting was practiced is 380 plus days!


Cheat days are allowed when fasting!


It Guarantees Cheat Days

More often than not, when practicing a particularly popular diet, cheat days are prohibited or at the very least discouraged.  This is because a day of indulgence may result in “falling-off the wagon” so to speak and render all the days spent dieting to ought—along with all its intended health benefits.  This is not the case with intermittent fasting.  Break periods in between days of fasting is part of the practice, partly to break the fast and partly to enable the body to get used to the changes it is experiencing—after which you just repeat the cycle.


It is convenient and inexpensive

Let’s face it.  Modern living is fast-paced, hectic and surely becoming very expensive.  More often than not, you will hear the phrase “you have to pay for convenience” for you to get the level of service or results you want.  This is not true when it comes to intermittent fasting.  First off, you don’t have to pay extra or go someplace to get a desired food item or service for your diet.  You just go without food for a period of time.  This, obviously results in savings and eliminates the time you spend in preparing food—savings in both time and money, indeed.


Fibermaxx Psyllium Husk Dietary Fiber Supplement


Lastly, you can also make the experience easier and worth your while if you include the use of dietary supplements when fasting.  Fibermaxx Psyllium Husk Dietary Fiber Supplement is an inexpensive and convenient way of cleansing the body (a benefit of fasting) while providing a feeling of fullness that eliminates recurring hunger pangs. Fibermaxx Psyllium Husk Dietary Fiber Supplement is available at Watsons Stores, Mercury Drug, Metro Pharmacy and selected distributors nationwide.

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