June 8, 2019

Depressed?  Don’t fret.  Take a dose of Sodium Ascorbate instead


These are literally very depressing times.  Indeed, last year saw a rash of high-visibility celebrities falling prey to depression and eventually suicide, the public is literally on a questioning mode as to how very successful people can actually take their own lives without any clear explanation as to the reasons underlying their decision to commit suicide.


The symptoms of depression may be alleviated by taking Vitamin C


Such is the case for world-renowned bag designer Kate Spade and well-loved chef and food journalist, Anthony Bourdain.  On the outside, both are very successful individuals and have the world on the palms of their hands. Both are also high-functioning creatives who are known for their professionalism and undeniable worth ethic.  Bourdain for instance was actually filming episodes of his award-winning program, No Reservations; when he was found unresponsive, while Kate Spade is still involved in her newest design endeavor, Frances Valentine.  To date, nothing clear have as yet been determined or made known to the public regarding their motives and to their state-of-mind at the time of their deaths.


Certainly, depression is a mystery to most people who think of it as either a disease that can be treated by taking medication or which one is expected to overcome by taking it by the bullhorns and maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude. Both are oversimplifications of course as evident in how the World Health Organization describes it as “a common mental disorder that interferes with one’s daily life and is associated with sadness, loss of interest, feelings of guilt, low self-worth, disturbed sleep patterns, tiredness and loss of concentration and appetite.” 


Unfortunately, most people either through their inability to seek treatment and overcome depression by sheer will power fall into a spiral that may eventually lead to suicide.  Such is possibly the case with both Spade and Bourdain who left little indication about their plans.


But health wise, can anything be done about depression?


Well, it seems that taking vitamins and minerals may actually help.  Studies have shown that taking B vitamins may actually help relieve symptoms of depression.  The same can be said of the mineral Zinc, which aside from alleviating the signs of depression are also known to generally improve the health of the immune system.  Another much more commonly taken vitamin has also been studied and has shown signs of being effective for treating depression.  Some studies have already noted that a deficiency in Vitamin C results in symptoms related to a depressive state and that administering the vitamin on patients’ deficient of it has shown improvements—especially for persons already suffering from low levels of the vitamin.



Cosmo Cee provides much needed energy that can help increase activity that can likewise uplift mood


Although additional studies have yet to be conducted, why not help your mind and body by strengthening your immune system and general outlook in life by taking the vitamin regularly. 

Cosmo Cee Vitamin C Supplement offers that daily dose of much needed vitamin C. It also has citrus Bioflavonoids which are powerful antioxidants that provide protection from free radicals that can cause cell damage.  It also complements the body’s natural production of collagen that results in youthful skin and overall good appearance.


For more information regarding the other healthful benefits of Cosmo Cee and Vitamin C, check our previous articles Bioflavonoids:  The Key to Good Health (January 13, 2018), Vitamin C—The Wonder Vitamin (December 11, 2017 and Getting Active with Cosmo Cee (September 11, 2017).


Cosmo Cee is available at all Watsons stores nationwide, Mercury Drug, Metro Pharmacy, Rose Pharmacy, Healthyfixx Kiosks and selected distributors.




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