June 6, 2019

When it comes to skincare, BFC relies on the natural, the tested and the proven

for achieving results that are supported by science


Cosmo Skin Glutathione with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C


Price: Php 1,365 (Per bottle of 30's)
          Php 2,598 (Per bottle of 60's)
          Php 180 (Per Pack of 4's)


You don’t have to buy skincare products with exotic ingredients and which are backed by even more confounding esoteric philosophies on wellness and skincare just to have a clean, clear and radiant complexion. Sometimes, you just have to look into the science involved in the production of a skincare product to understand that a no-nonsense practical approach may just be the thing one needs for one to achieve the ideal flawless complexion.

Such is the case with BFC Laboratories’ range of skincare products. Made from naturally-sourced ingredients, combined with antioxidants, and vitamins; BFC's products when judiciously used—either alone or in combination—can result in an even-toned and light complexion that can even defy ageing. Here are a number of BFC products that you may want to consider.

Cosmo Skin Glutathione

Any discussion of BFC will no doubt start with its most well- known brand, Cosmo Skin Glutathione. For more than a decade, BFC’s Cosmo Skin Glutathione has withstood the fickleness of the skincare market as it continues to rely on its much-vaunted “ten times the whitening power” tag. It’s high glutathione content (500 mg/capsule), combined with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C. assure users
numerous benefits aside from skin whitening, that include anti-ageing and liver detox; while at the same boosting the immune system. Its antioxidant also protects the skin from within, blocking the more harmful effects of UV rays.


Because of its popularity, it has lent its brand name to other highly regarded brands that have proved popular for every day skincare. Such as …


Cosmo Skin Grape Seed Extract Dark Spots Corrector


Price: Php 900.00 (Per bottle of 30's)
          Php 150.00 (Per Pack of 5's)

Cosmo Skin Grape Seed Extract Dark Spots Corrector

Getting on in years is the primary culprit for developing dark spots and melasma—two of the most dreaded conditions when it comes to skincare. Fortunately, procyanadins, the active ingredient in the Grape Seed Extract (GSE) used in formulating Cosmo Skin GSE protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays; while its Vitamin C and E help minimize fine lines and sun damage, while at the same time evening-out skin tone.

Cosmo Skin GSE doesn’t use any synthetic ingredients and is considerably lower-priced than other similar products in the market.



Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink


Price: Php 126.00 (Per Tube)
          Php 756.00 (Per Box of 6's)


Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink. This is a legendary BFC product as it is the only Collagen Drink available in the local market with a whopping 20,000.00 milligrams per tube

(Note: it comes in a box of 6's). Made from High Dose Pure Collagen, it doesn’t only have the largest quantity of collagen but is also the most stable. It fights the various signs of skin ageing

(e.g. wrinkles/fine lines, stretch marks, sagging skin) but also rejuvenates the complexion by preventing dull skin tone and dry skin. Although it has a subtle marine like taste, the new variants hope to overcome this as it is now available in passion fruit and lime flavors, albeit in slightly lower quantities as these come in 15,000 milligrams per tube.


For those who wish to share the prospects of having a radiant and age-defying complexion for the holidays, Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen can now be purchased as the Cosmo Skin Age Defying Set at Watsons. Avail of the gift set and shave at least Php 100.00 from the original price and get a Cosmo Skin Body wash free as an extra.

Cosmo Skin Age-Defying Set Collagen and Lotion

Price: Php 805.00 Less Php 100 during Promo Period


Cosmo Skin Hand and Body Cream

The Cosmo Skin Hand and Body Cream comes in a sizable tube and is formulate with collagen, alpha arbutin (for evening and whitening skin tone) and vitamin C for stimulating collagen production, thus tightening and stretching skin. It moisturizes and is best used after bathing. It is one of the most
inexpensive hand and body creams that promises intensive skin repair for damaged complexion; but is no less as effective. It is gently scented with lavender—a relaxing scent.


Cosmo Skin Hand and Body Cream – Intensive Repair


Price: Php 149.00 (Per Tube)


Cosmo Skin Beauty Bar in Collagen, Kojic, Collagen and Oatmeal

The selection of any Cosmo Skin products for newbie buyers almost , always starts with perusing the
four different Beauty Bars it offers –with good reason. The different variants offer unique formulations and potent formulas; and offer the same skin smoothening and whitening results. Each variant also offers unique benefits depending on one’s needs. The Cosmo Skin Whitening (Glutathione) soap is ideal for achieving a wrinkle-free skin; the Cosmo Skin Kojic soap is also ideal for preventing pimples and acne breakouts; the Cosmo Skin Collagen Soap is anti-ageing; and lastly, the Cosmo Skin Oatmeal Soap is ideal for controlling an oily complexion.


Cosmo Skin Beauty Bar in Collagen, Kojic, Collagen and Oatmeal


Price: Cosmo Skin Whitening Soap –Php 140
          Cosmo Skin Kojic Soap – Php 89
          Cosmo Skin Collagen Soap – Php 89
          Cosmo Skin Oatmeal Soap – Php 89


All Cosmo Skin products are available at all Watsons stores, Mercury, Metro Pharmacy and selected distributors nationwide. For more information on the skincare benefits of regularly using BFC’s Cosmo Skin Brand and line of skincare products, visit and each products’ dedicated fan page.


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