May 29, 2019

Green tea’s numerous benefits has always been lauded and celebrated. In fact a lot of
people have attributed numerous health benefits to green tea, ranging from curing acne
to treating early onset dementia. Indeed, green tea is a seemingly wondrous cure-all,
that if we are to believe the many claimants can even help people lose weight almost


Is there any truth to that claim though? Can green tea help people lose weight if it is
regularly imbibed or taken in extract form, as a supplement? Well, it seems there are
thus making this drink even more alluring to those who are weight-challenged.


Green Tea of course, usually comes either in drinkable form or in extract form. The
former is best enjoyed as a beverage (whether hot or cold), while extracts are usually
used as part of medical preparations or as key ingredients in health supplements.

Green tea is lauded for its many health benefits. It comes in either drinkable form

(shown above) or in extract form


The key it seems to green tea’s weight loss benefits are in the substances that are
found in green tea. In particular, caffeine, a well-known stimulant which is also
considered an antioxidant; and epigallocatechin gal-late, which is also best known by its
acronym EGCG.


Both substances are known to boost metabolism. In the case of EGCG in particular, it
helps to inhibit an enzyme that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine. When this
enzyme is inhibited, the amount of norepinephrine increases, promoting fat breakdown.
This process is otherwise known as “thermogenesis” which substances like EGCG and
even L-Carnitine help promote.


During thermogenesis, fat cells break down fat, which is then released into one’s
bloodstream for use as energy by the body’s cells. EGCG boosts the burning of fat,
which eventually leads to reduced body fat in the long term and hence, weight loss.
And it doesn’t stop there.

Combining the consumption of green tea with regular physical exercise makes it metabolism boosting even more effective


Sure, you can enjoy drinking green tea/ or taking green tea supplements while just
being semi-active and yet, be assured of weight loss. However, combining the
consumption of green tea with an active lifestyle that includes regular physical exercise,
seems to make it even more effective. Some studies have even shown that people tend
to burn more fat through exercise, if they take green tea extract regularly.


Surprisingly, the weight-loss effect of green tea doesn’t end with a person being either
semi-active or active. It seems that green tea’s effects are present even if an individual
is at rest. Some studies suggest that regularly taking green tea at rest may result in
burning an additional 60 to 80 calories a day. Also, its metabolism boosting effect
seems to persist even in the long term. Could this possibly explain why a majority of
Asians traditionally known to be tea-drinkers are noticeably thinner than other
nationalities? Perhaps, future studies on the effects of green tea may prove supportive
of this observation.

Green tea’s metabolism boosting effect is present even when one is resting with its effects persisting in the long-term


But you don’t have to prepare a teapot of green tea just to reap its benefits. You can
actually just reach out for a capsule of Cosmo Body with L-Carnitine + Green Tea to get
the most of this wondrous substance. With active ingredients like L-Carnitine and
Green Tea, that are known to promote Thermogenesis—the process of turning fat into
energy that the can use; Cosmo Body with L-Carnitine + Green Tea is not only effective,
but also very convenient to use.


Cosmo Body with L-Carnitine + Green Tea is one of the bestselling weight management brands of BFC Laboratories. The other is Cosmo Body Advanced with Garcinia Cambogia which uses an Asian fruit traditionally used as an appetite suppressant


Cosmo Body with L-Carnitine + Green Tea is available at all Watsons Stores, Mercury
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