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March 18, 2019

You can now repair, maintain and restore joint health with this new

and effective supplement from the country’s fastest growing health supplements company


People tend to overlook the health of their joints—and they shouldn’t.  After all, healthy joints are important to an individual’s mobility, independence and even general well-being. Fortunately, people will now be able to address joint through the newest health supplement launched by BFC Laboratories.


Joint Formula is the newest health supplement from the country’s fastest growing health supplements manufacturer—BFC Laboratories.  It aims to improve joint health through its special formulation of glucosamine, chondroitin and marine collagen—all of which contribute to the maintenance of healthy joints


Launched just this March (2019) in the SM Mall of Asia, BFC Laboratories’ Joint Formula is now available nationwide.  The launch was just in time as it now even more important that people take notice of their joint health as conditions like arthritis and joint pains do not affect older generations alone.  In fact, it is not uncommon to hear people as young as 18 to be suffering from common joint ailments.


“Joints help us become more mobile without the resulting pain that comes from poor joint health,” says Nino Bautista of BFC Laboratories, adding that joints are not merely made of two bones connected and rubbing against each other.  “Joints are made up of parts and substances like synovial fluid which along with cartilage help cushion joints from shock, they also keep bones from rubbing against each other.  So it’s imperative that we take care of our joints as well and not abuse it.”


Host Samantha Purvor discussed and shared with the audience the benefits of supplementation in maintaining healthy joints during the short program that accompanied the launch of BFC Lab Joint Formula.


BFC Managing Director and Founder was gratified with the warm reception of the public to BFCLab Joint Formula.  "I am glad that people are now taking joint health very seriously--especially because in our own way and through BFCLab Joint Formula, we've provided them with a supplement that can help them move free and attain a pain-free life."


Mr. Bautista made this very informative remark during the short program that marked the launch of Joint Formula which he attended, along with BFC Laboratories co-Managing Director and Founder John Redentor Gatus, Jr. Addressing the public and the media, he noted that joints and joint health should not be disregarded as confronting issues related to both can easily contribute to a better quality of life.


Going into specifics, he adds that joints and joint health are more complex than we think, noting that there are also various types of joints in the human body like the hinge joint (knees and elbows), gliding joint (feet and ankles), pivot joint (neck) that not only have specialized purposes, but which also require some specialized attention and care—all of which contribute to a more complex understanding and appreciation of joints to our lives.



The human body has various joints with specialized purposes.  Keeping them healthy is important in contributing to the quality of life most people enjoy in their lifetime


“Joints are also subject to a host of ailments,” he says, “including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and osteoporosis—all of which can restrict one’s mobility and freedom. Hence it is imperative that we keep our joints healthy.”


There’s also ageing to contend with.


Ageing affects joint health to a great extent as the parts that make up one’s joints degrade with age.  Cartilage for instance deteriorates as one ages—thus limiting its ability to be the body’s shock absorber. Ligaments likewise lose their elasticity, thus affecting flexibility and movement.

Maintaining a healthy diet of course, can help us keep our joints healthy.  Turmeric, apples, almonds, bananas and even bone broth can help in joint health.  However, it’s not always the case that people have access to and/or the time to source these foodstuffs.


Fortunately, supplementation may help. 


“It is a well-known fact that there are natural building blocks that help repair and maintain joints,” says Nino Bautista. “Glucosamine, Chondroitin and even Marine Collagen are known for their health benefits.”


With that in mind, Bautista and BFC Laboratories decided to create its newest product, the Joint Formula.



The urgent call for joint health was clearly understood by members of the public who gamely posed inside profile frames with the hashtag #MoveFree with BFCLab Joint Formula



“Joint Formula combines all these ingredients to create a supplement that address our need to repair and maintain the health of joints,” he shares, adding that Joint Formula’s combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Marine Collagen addresses specific needs that contribute to overall joint health.


“Glucosamine helps repair and maintain cartilage preventing its breakdown.  Chondroitin on the other hand aside from maintaining elasticity and resistance to compression also has anti-inflammatory effects that combined with glucosamine may even help in the prevention of osteoarthritis,” he shares, “Marine Collagen also  is helpful for tissue regeneration and in even increasing bone density.”


Co-Managing Director and Founder John Redentor Gatus, Jr., also attended the launch of BFCLab Joint Formula.  Mr. Gatus who handles and supervises the company’s sales force was likewise gratified by the numerous inquiries about the product that were received during the event.


All of these he notes, especially when combined in one powerful product can provide much needed pause in our worries about losing mobility and independence as we age.


“The truth is that we now have the supplement that can help nurture joint health and it comes through a helpful and healthful supplement that can be taken even if we’re still young,” he concludes.


So be joint health with BFC Lab Joint Formula.



Enjoy pain-free movement and a better quality of life by taking BFC Lab’s Joint Formula health supplement.


BFC Lab Joint Formula is available at all Watsons’s Stores and selected distributors nationwide.  For more information about BFC Laboratories’ products, log on to or visit the BFC Facebook Fanpage for more information and announcements on existing BFC promos.  Also visit our Instagram @cosmoskin, for a list of new products that BFC will launch this 2019


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