BFC Lab To Open State Of The Art Cosmetics Manufacturing Facility

February 16, 2019



2019—the year of the Earth Pig—is shaping up to be one of the most bountiful and productive years for the country’s leading beauty and health supplements company


Bargn Farmaceutici (BFCLab), the Philippines’ leading Vitamin and Supplements Manufacturer, known for its innovations on Health, Beauty and Wellness formulations has announced the establishment of its first cosmetic manufacturing facility in the country.


Indeed, the “Year of the Earth Pig” (2019) seems to be shaping up as one of the most bountiful and productive for BFCLab—the makers of such iconic health and wellness brands like Cosmo Skin, Euphoriamaxx and Cosmo Cee.  In fact, the company is currently focused on the expansion of its manufacturing facilities in the country—and nothing it seems, will be able to stop it in that regard.


In glamorous rites held in time with this year’s Lunar New Year celebrations, the company had in fact broken ground for its newest building to rise at the Bargn Industrial Centre in Dasmarinas Technopark in Cavite.



Shown at center, wearing hard-hats and golden shovels, are BFC Directors and Co-Founders, Nino Bautista and John Redentor Gatus, during the ground-breaking ceremonies of the new BFC Building in Dasmarinas Technopark



The ground-breaking of the new BFC Building coincided with the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.  Shown are the members of the Jingshen Wushu. Dragon and Liondance Group performing at the groundbreaking rites.


Says Nino Bautista, the founder/owner of BFCLab: “The new facility will allow for our continued growth and expansion internationally, while helping us to better meet and serve the needs and expectations of our Philippine, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian-based customers, by providing Quality Formulations and cost-effective products.  Moreover, it will allow us to reach-out to new customers.”


The new facility, which will be FDA registered, will be located in the Bargn Industrial Centre at Dasmarinas Technopark in Cavite.  The new facility will be capable of producing Personal Care Products and SPF-rated products and will operate under cGMP certification.  It will have a fully-operational R&D Laboratoy staffed with both formulators and pharmacists.  The products to be produced in the new facility will include:  Body Lotions, Facial Creams, Bath Soaps, Body Wash, Sunblocks, Deodorants, BB Creams, Liquid Foundations and so much more.


“2018 was—modesty aside—a very productive year for BFCLab,” shares Nino Bautista: “We not only initiated the operations of our production facility in our new headquarters at the expansive Dasmarinas Technopark, but even managed to introduce to the market a line of very well-received sports, dietary and health supplements.”


According to Mr. Bautista, BFCLab’s main objective in further expanding its manufacturing footprint by constructing this new and obviously expensive building, is to enable it to manufacture its present and future products for the burgeoning health supplements and cosmetics market in the country and the world, and thus create an environment that can streamline the production, manufacturing and marketing processes by providing a space that’s conducive to productivity and creativity.


“Our goal is to expand more in order to cater to BFCLabs’ growing market.  This will obviously be given added impetus when construction goes in full swing,” he says, adding that, “We hope to complete the new building by April and we hope to centralize the manufacture of our expanding product line by that time.”


Artist’s render of what the new BFC Building will look like once completed


Like its existing production facilities, the new building is expected to be state-of-the-art and up to international standards.  “Additional warehousing facilities will also be constructed to serve our existing supply chain more effectively,” Mr. Bautista relates, noting that, “we intend to be prolific—not only in expanding but in introducing and marketing our products to the public.”


Already, he says, the burst of activity related to the construction of the new building has spurred the introduction of new products to the markets—most of which will be in full production as soon as the new facility is completed. “For 2019, we are in line with plans to introduce at least twenty new products that will cater to the health and supplement need of the public,” he reveals, adding that,  “For the first and second quarters of 2019 alone, we are introducing and distributing a number of supplements like Ketovit—a supplement that complements the nutritional needs of those following the ketogenic diet; Joint Formula—a health supplement intended for joint health; and Acnefixx—a specially formulated supplement that targets acne and which uses Lactoferrin, an iron binding protein that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that’s not only effective for keeping acne away, but which also enhances the body’s immune system.”


Ketovit is a supplement that complements the nutritionally requirements of people following the ketogenic diet


Acnefixx—is a specially-formulated supplement for those suffering from acne


BFC’s Joint Formula is a supplement ideal for healthy joints


The company’s existing brands will also be enhanced with additional choices.  “Our Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink is already an industry icon, not only because it contains the most collagen vis-à-vis competing brands, but also because it is truly effective and also unique in the mode of delivery—as it comes in powder form which consumers can mix with the beverages of their choice.”




Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink and Euphoriamaxx variants


Because of this, he says, BFCLab has decided to add Lime and Passion Fruit flavored versions of this iconic product.  “The reception to both based on our taste tests have been extremely good and we have in fact started distributing it to all parts of the country as early as late December of 2018.”


The same is true with another BFC brand—Euphoriamaxx, which incidentally was already enhanced last 2018 with four new variants.  Says BFCLab co-founder and sports enthusiast, John Redentor Gatus, Jr:   “Sports nutrition is becoming increasingly important not only for athletes but also for health buffs, so for  2019, we have big plans for this pioneering sports supplement brand and because of this, we may just add three more additional variants to the existing Euphoriamaxx L-Arginine, Creatine, BCAA and Glutamine.  We eventually hope to introduce these new variants by summer.”


There are also plans of adding additional health, dietary and sports supplements that are likewise scheduled to be introduced by the middle of this year, with such products like Euphoriamaxx CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid—a known energy booster), Euphoriamaxx Whey Protein and Euphoriamaxx Pea Protein, among the ones singled out for immediate production and distribution.


Speaking of further improving the supply and distribution of BFC products, Mr. Bautista expects to significantly increase the number of traditional distributors by years end.  “We have long breached the hundred plus stores in location-specific outlets like malls,” he says, “For this year, we expect to add even more as new malls are being built, especially in the Northern areas of the country. Likewise, we are strengthening our online stores, via and our”


Already, the founders are busy scouting for new sites and increasing the number potential distributors to carry its products in anticipation of increased demand and sales.


“We are building a new manufacturing facility, increasing our line of products and accepting product distributors,” concludes Bautista, adding that, “truly, the Year of the Pig—2019, is truly bountiful for BFCLab and we are appreciative of all the blessings we can expect this year.”




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