BFC Laboratories Introduces Two New Variants of its Bestselling Collagen Drinks

January 10, 2019

The country’s fastest-growing health supplements company teams-up with Watsons Stores in launching two delicious collagen drinks:  Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink in Lime and Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink in Passion Fruit Flavors


Out with the old and in with the deliciously new. 


Taking its cue with Watsons’ January theme of a “Happy New You,” BFC Laboratories—the fastest growing health supplements manufacturer in the country—took the initiative of launching two new products this 2019:  Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink in Lime Flavor, and Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink in Passion Fruit Flavor.


Yes, the original Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink has been jazzed-up with two new exciting and delicious choices that’s sure to deliver on the collagen, while adding another tasty dimension to its anti-ageing benefits.


“We’ve wanted to introduce our two new flavors for Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink since last year,” says Nino Bautista, managing director and founder of BFC Laboratories.  “However, we wanted to wait until the new year to take advantage of the public’s desire to start the new year fresh, with a product that not only has anti-ageing benefits but which actually tastes delicious.”


According to Mr. Bautista, they taste tested a number of flavors prior to choosing and deciding on lime and passion fruit.  “Name it and we probably tested it for our collagen drink,” he says.  “However, the lime and passion fruit stood out because lime is refreshing to the palate, while passion fruit is sufficiently exotic and different in flavor profile.”


“People who were lucky enough to taste the two variants also raved about the new flavors,” he says.  “They were really enthusiastic and even mistook them for thirst-quenching beverages instead of a health and dietary supplement.”




Like the original collagen, both variants deliver a whopping dose of collagen amounting to 15,000 milligrams of high dose pure collagen per tube—considerably more than other collagen drinks available in the market today.  Says Mr. Bautista:  “It is also gluten free, wheat free and calorie free; and its formulation assures the public of a high 90% absorption rate.”


This is enough to assure them that all the heath and anti-ageing benefits like erasing and reducing wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, sagging skin and dull and dry skin will be addressed.


So start the New Year right with Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powdee Drink in Lime and Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink in Passion Fruit.


Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink in Classic Original, Lime and Passion Fruit Flavors are available at all Watsons’s Stores and selected distributors nationwide.  For more information about BFC Laboratories’ products, log on to or visit the BFC Facebook Fanpage for more information and announcements on existing BFC promos.  Also visit our Instagram Fanpage @cosmoskifanpage, for a list of new products that BFC will launch this 2019



 Caption:  Good things come in twos!










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