Skintellectual Solutions with Megan Young

October 9, 2018

Your skin deserves some Tender Loving Care, A rest at night and a Glow from within with the help of CosmoSkin Glutathione!


This Beauty Vlog is all about skintellectual solutions on how to achieve a fairer-immaculate glow! 




As a world-class beauty queen, Megan Young is no doubt quite knowledgeable when it comes to providing beauty tips to her legion of admirers.  With her clean, flawless and immaculate (yet olive tinged) skin, the “natural” beauty surprisingly adheres to a few, easy-to-do “skintellectual” beauty tips.  She recently sat down with BFC Laboratories’ Digital Team during her “I Am Cosmo Skin” photoshoot, to share a few skintellectual tips about her own personal skincare routine.


“My first beauty tip for achieving a radiant complexion is that you should regularly wash your face face,” says Megan, adding that this is a daily act that should be a no-brainer to anyone who wants to have good skin.


However, she notes that most soaps and even cleansers may be unduly harsh to the skin and should be avoided, noting that some of their ingredients may irritate skin and cause breakouts. “I use a mild soap so as not to irritate my skin. Also, the combination of regular washing with a mild soap also helps me avoid having dry rough skin,” she shares, adding that mild soaps keep her skin moisturized by not stripping away the natural oils that help keep the skin smooth.


“You also have to consider what you put into your body and on your skin,” she says.  “I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits for all the good vitamins and minerals that impart a natural glow to one’s skin.”


Among the fruits and vegetables she says that one should eat regularly are those with plentiful Vitamin C that she says help keep the skin firm by encouraging the production of natural collagen. 


“The antioxidants in fruits and veggies also help our skin fight-off the ageing effect of UV rays,” Megan says.  Nonetheless, she complements this anti-ageing effect by using sunscreen regularly. “I put sunblock on my skin especially when I go out—this assures me of sun protection and is an easy way to protect the skin from ageing. An SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30 is ideal.”


“My third tip—like regular washing—should also be followed by all girls who want to maintain a radiant and healthful complexion.  This is to make sure that you remove all your makeup before bedtime.  Why?  Because removing one’s makeup like regular face-washing helps the skin breathe, de-clogs pores and gives the skin much needed rest.”

And rest is something that everyone should be mindful of, says Megan:  “Having enough sleep is important.  Even if I have a crazy schedule because of my commitments, I try to get as much sleep as I could.” The results of having enough is especially apparent in a rested countenance she says and a glowing complexion.


“Lastly, one of the best tips that I could impart is the importance of supplements in maintaining a radiant and healthy complexion. Of course, my choice when it comes to supplements is what else?  Cosmo Skin Glutathione,” she admits. “It has Alpha-Lipoic Acid which is a strong form of Glutathione that helps keep skin vibrantly radiant and youthful-looking.  This is the secret for my glowing, immaculate complexion.  I just take two capsules of Cosmo Skin Glutathione in the morning and just before bedtime.  I also complement Cosmo Skin Glutathione with Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink—I just mix it with my favorite beverage to counteract the signs of skin-ageing.  Now, aside from plain collagen, it also comes in lime and passion fruit flavor.”


Megan admits that caring for one’s skin is a commitment, but she’s hopeful that with her tips, most women will be more aware of the benefits of regular skincare and that just like her, they will also achieve the radiant, healthful and immaculate complexion that she has.




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