BFCLab "Transformations" kick-off event at the Watsons SM Makati

September 19, 2018



The country’s premier health and beauty supplements maker holds its second annual Transformations Beauty + Fitness Event


BFC Laboratories and Cosmo Skin, literally created a fun, beauty playground when it held—for the second time—the event, “Transformations” in partnership with Watsons Stores and SM Makati.



In keeping with the event’s name itself, BFCLab also transformed what had previously been an area of SM Makati devoted to cosmetics into a fun, interactive area that featured a table laden with BFC products like Euphoriamaxx, Cosmo Skin Glutathione, Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen, Cosmo Body L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract, Cosmo Skin Advanced, Cosmo Skin GSE, Fibermaxx and its latest product, BFC Lab Acai Berry. A photo-wall also perfect for taking selfies was also set-up while vibrantly colored BFC product posters and stickers also accentuated the tables and seats. Flowers also served as an impressive backdrop for the stage.



All of these preparations were in anticipation of the numerous influencers, bloggers and media people who expressed not only their support for BFC Laboratories and Cosmo Skin; but who were also keen on learning fitness and beauty tips courtesy of the event’s guests who include international model, actor, host and BFC Athlete, Ryan Kolton; Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2012 and actress, Ariella Arida; and actor and fitness enthusiast, Gerald Anderson. Tying-up all the segments were Ms. World-Philippines, Laura Lehmann and BFC Director and Founder, Nino Bautista; who served as the event’s hosts.


First to arrive and provide a display of muscular dexterity and strength was Ryan Kolton who gamely talked about his fitness journey not only through his own personal experiences, but also through his family’s own fitness journey.  He especially credits the importance of a healthy lifestyle, through the example set by his own grandmother, who remains spry and healthful even at an advanced age.  He also stressed the importance of keeping to a regular fitness routine and even demonstrated a few exercise moves that combined regular, traditional exercises with those using weights l(dumbbells).  To show how easy these exercises were, he encouraged Instagram Star, Coach Untoy (a.k.a Eric Jason Villanueva) into joining him in a friendly push-up competition to the delight of the guests. 




Ryan noted that aside from exercise, people must also take note of the importance of diet and supplementation in order to be beautiful and healthy.  For his part, he owns up to taking the various Euphoriamaxx variants (e.g. L-Arginine, Creatine, BCAA and Glutamine) for his pre-, intra and post-workouts to promote and maintain muscle build-up and development; and to reduce muscle inflammation—especially after a workout.



Providing a literally beautiful counterpoint to an obviously brawny start to the event was a radiant Ariella Arida, who looked especially lovely with her clean, clear, blemish-free and glowing complexion, courtesy of Cosmo Skin GSE.  As someone who is truly knowledgeable in the various aspects of beauty as a beauty queen, Ariella was keen on highlighting the importance of going natural in the supplements that she takes, noting that the Grape Seed Extract found in Cosmo Skin GSE is naturally-derived.  She then enumerated several foodstuffs that are proven to protect the skin from UV rays and which she says are also natural skin lighteners.  These include the lemon, tea, red apples, mangoes, beets and carrots—all of which are rich in antioxidants that help the skin become strong and resistant to the elements.  



The last speaker is matinee idol and noted fitness enthusiast, Gerald Anderson.  During his talk he championed the importance of taking vitamin C through Cosmo Cee in providing not only increased vitality and energy; but also for strengthening immunity.  Having a strong immune system he says is ideal for keeping sickness at bay—thus enabling him to undertake the numerous physical activities that he is very fond of.  On a lighter tone, he also noted that taking vitamin C also keeps his skin healthy by stimulating the production of natural collagen, thereby improving elasticity and providing anti-ageing benefits. The bioflavonoids in Cosmo Cee, he says also lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, making it even doubly healthy.


For their part, Laura Lehmann and BFC Director Nino Bautista, introduced the newest all-natural diet supplement of BFC Laboratories—BFC Lab Acai Berry.  Mr. Bautista noted that BFC Lab Acai Berry is sourced especially from the Amazon Region of Brazil.  It is notable as being considered a super-food and because of its relative rarity, due to limited supplies as it is only harvested  twice a year.  Among the benefits it provides include: promoting heart health, weight loss, skin health, helps digestion, boosts the immune system, boosts mental function and is also considered anti-ageing. BFC Lab Acai Berry is now available at Watsons stores nationwide.



Aside from the short talks, guests also answered various questions thrown at them by Ariella, Ryan and Gerald during their segments.  For this, they were given prizes consisting of various truly desirable BFC Laboratories products.  A social media game was also played for the duration of the game for the Best Product Shots and Best Caption for their Instagram Posts.  




“Transformations Beauty + Fitness” also served as the initial salvo for the month-long, nationwide Transformation Activation in various SM Malls throughout the country.  It will culminate in a big mall event this November at SM Megamall—with even more guests, games, prizes and interactive activities.  For more information about Transformations Beauty + Fitness, log on to, BFC Lab Facebook for the schedule of activations and culminating event announcements.


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