July 13, 2018


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Keep fit with supplements and a few “classic” exercises during the Rainy Season


Sure, it’s easy to sleep-in these days.  After all, the nice cool weather brought about by the regular monsoon rains has made the climate bearable and ideal for slumber.  Don’t think that it’s an excuse to just forget about being fit during these times however.  In fact, there are several exercises that one can do should you find yourself alone (or stranded) at home during inclement weather.  Here are a few easy-to-do options:


Push-Ups.  This reliable go-to exercise has weathered the test of time and may even be considered a classic exercise.  Why wouldn’t it? Push-ups work a number of muscles and is primarily effective for the muscles that it targets best like the chest, the triceps and the body’s core.  Through the years, it has also evolved from the classic two arm lift to a number of fancy-shmancy types that may lead you to ask if the variations aren’t going a bit too far.  Anyway, it remains an effective exercise that you could do everywhere—including indoors.  Try a hundred per set—if you can.


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Lunges.  The usual idea most people have of lunges is that it is an almost stationary exercise.  Although it is in a way, lunges actually do much more than just keep yourself busy in such a limited space.  Actually, it works the quadriceps (the large muscle at the front of the thigh), the glutes (butt) and the hamstrings.  A variation in doing lunges can include carrying weights to strengthen the upper body.









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Burpees.  No one really admits to liking burpees and the reasons are varied, ranging from how silly it looks, how exhausting to do (in such a short amount of time), and so much more.  What’s undeniable however, is that burpees even if silly-looking is actually an effective exercise that you could easily do in a limited amount of space.  Here’s a refresher course on how to do it.  First, begin in a standing position, squat and put your arms on the ground (in a crouching position), kick both feet out to stretch and extend the body; do a push-up, stand-up (or more like spring-up as you must look enthusiastic) and end with a lively leap.


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Deadlifts.  Another old-school favorite, the deadlift is expected to deliver a total body strengthening workout.  The only catch though, is that you need to own a set of honest to goodness weight (think barbells) that you can adjust to increase the weight you are lifting. How to do it? Prepare a weighted bar with a load that you can easily lift. Stand with your feet a few inches apart with the bar weight in front of you on the floor. Bend down your knees and pick up the weighted bar off the ground and bring it level with your thighs, using your whole body instead of just your forearms. Complete the lift by standing up in full while bars remain level with your thighs. Repeat several times. The important thing about deadlifts is that it should be done correctly with your back flat to prevent injury. The deadlift is ideal for strengthening calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, core and forearms.


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Squats.  Another old school exercise that remains as effective since it was first conceived is the squats.  Doing squats regularly is ideal for developing the lower half of the body (as opposed to push-ups which primarily targets the upper torso).  In the case of squats the areas that greatly benefit are the hips, hamstrings and glutes (or one’s butt).  It is also versatile, as carrying dumb bells during squats can even strengthen the core, upper body and arms.



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Do these classic exercises in combination and you will definitely  feel invigorated, fit and in focus even during the most rainy days.  Considering that you will be concentrating on a lot of your muscle groups, reduce the possibility of muscle injury and increase muscle recovery by taking Euphoriamaxx Sports Supplement.  It comes in four variants that include L-Arginine, Glutamine, Creatine and BCAA.  These variants provide energy, muscle nourishment, muscle development (build-up) and muscle recovery that will make your workout truly effective and worthwhile.




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