July 10, 2018

                   Taking an invigorating shower or bath is essential to good 

                                             hygiene and fitness 

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Admit it.  Taking an invigorating bath in the morning or a relaxing bath at night is one of the most pleasurable things one can do in the course of a day.  It is also essential to good hygiene.  But why is it important to indulge in this almost mundane hygienic ritual?  Believe it or not, it’s actually good for one’s health and fitness.  Here are several reasons why:






Prevents Bacterial and Infections. Bathing daily is important for keeping all of us almost, always odor-free.  It’s a known fact that most odors are caused by bacteria and as such, odors can only be removed if we control the proliferation of bacteria.  One of the easiest ways of doing so is to remove them by washing regularly and bathing does that in perhaps the most pleasurable way.  Aside from odors, infections and other germs can likewise be controlled or eliminated entirely through regular washing and bathing.








                                                                                                                                                                                                              *We do not own the copyright of this photo


Prevents Zits.  Surprised with this benefit?  You shouldn’t be.  Showering cleanses the skin and removes bacterial and oil build-up—two of the primary causes of pimples.  This is especially important for people who regularly indulge in exercise.  It seems that micro-abrasions caused by friction on the skin actually introduces bacteria to the skin and a shower or a bath taken immediately after a workout may prevent a pimple breakout.

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Reduces Muscle Tension.   The flow of running water on skin is probably one of the most relaxing sensations one can feel.  Up the pleasure factor by taking a warm shower (it doesn’t have to be very hot) and you will experience a reduction in muscle tension.  Bathing and showering reduces tension on overstretched muscle by relaxing them, improving flexibility and elasticity.  This is especially important (and relaxing!) for those who shower and bathe after a heavy workout.


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Improves Blood Circulation.  Staying in the shower and/or in the tub for a length of time can actually improve blood circulation that can then lead to reduced blood pressure (it is after all a de-stressing activity) and improved heart function.


Reduces Blood Sugar Levels.  Diabetics take note.  A recent study in the United States noted that diabetics who spent at least half an hour in the tub daily (ostensibly while taking a bath) for at least three weeks managed to lower their blood sugar levels by as much as 13 %. Some of the study participants even managed to reduce their daily insulin dose to manageable levels after only a little over a week of spending more time in the bathroom.  Who knew?


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No doubt there are other health benefits  to this pleasurable activity.  Why not boost the enjoyment factor by using a healthful shower and bath gel when taking a shower.  Cosmo Skin Shower Gel and Body Wash is a superior body wash that has cleansing, moisturizing and anti-ageing properties that’s specially formulated with collagen, olive oil extract, Vitamin C and arbutin that effectively eliminates excess oil, dust and dead skin cells that results in a healthy, brighter, supple  and younger-looking complexion .  It is delightfully scented with calming lavender extract that lasts for hours.


Cosmo Skin Shower Gel is available at all Watsons Stores, Mercury Drug, Metro Pharmacy and select distributors nationwide.


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