What's the Best Vitamin for Hair?

June 28, 2018



Help build stronger, beautiful hair with collagen


People are bound to sooner or later discover new and even more surprising uses of collagen.  Indeed, this most abundant protein present in the human body must surely have other uses and sure enough, it has!  In fact, recent studies suggest that collagen is essential for cell renewal, the maintenance of bone strength and skin elasticity; and yes, wait for it, even hairgrowth!


Believe it or not, people may  no longer depend on wigs, hair extensions, medicated sprays and the like; to stimulate the growth of hair and instead, just make collagen an essential part of their daily health and fitness regimen—which is a good thing, if one thinks about it.  This is because the production of collagen decreases as most people age, leading to wrinkles, loss of hair color and the like. By ingesting marine collagen, people may then retain their youthful hair longer.


Understandably, the gradual loss of collagen coincides with slower hair growth, so recent findings that hairgrowth can be helped by collagen comes as a welcome surprise. Fortunately, the availability of collagen supplements—specifically marine collagen—is a welcome lifeline for people suffering from collagen deficiency and hair loss.  As most people who take collagen supplements can attest, taking collagen supplements helps restore collagen in one’s system.


Of course, there are many sources of collagen from animals, of which bovines and chickens (chicken feet, anyone?) are tops on the list.  Nonetheless, one of the most plentiful and purest is the so-called marine collagen which is derived from the sea.  Marine collagen is deemed purer and thought to be even better than collagen sourced from land animals.  Marine collagen also regenerates dormant hair follicles, leading to the re-growth of hair, thereby preventing hair loss.


But how does marine collagen work for hair growth?  Well, it seems that the antioxidants that marine collagen possesses affect the free radicals that damage hair follicles, the damage done of which contributes to the loss of hair.  With sufficient collagen in the body, the hair shaft is strengthened, thereby improving hair growth.  An additional effect is that with extra collagen, the diameter of the hair follicles also increases, thereby giving the hair a lusher, fuller and shinier look.


However, not all available marine collagen supplements in the market are created the same.  Should you want better and even more fabulous results to one’s crowning glory, Cosmo Skin Elite Premium Collagen, fits the bill perfectly and more.  With Cosmo Skin Elite Premium Collagen at your disposal, you can have a stronger, shinier, more lustrous and fuller appearance to your hair. It also comes in capsule form in bottles of 30s for one’s convenience.


Elite Premium Collagen by BFCLaboratories is available at all Watsons Stores, Mercury Drug, Metro Pharmacy, Rose Pharmacy, cosmo-skin.com, lazada, healthyfixstore.com and select distributors nationwide.   

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