June 13, 2018

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With millennia of use to support its health claims, tea or more specifically, green tea; remains the health standard when it comes to what we perceive is a healthy beverage.  Indeed, from weight loss, healthy skin and anti-ageing benefits; green tea is viewed by many as a wonderful elixir almost capable of doing anything.  But what else does it do?


For Weight Loss/Improved Metabolic Rates. Weight loss due to fat oxidation is one attribute frequently associated with green tea.  However, it seems that this benefit is more noticeable in people who are non-habitual caffeine drinkers.  For green tea drinkers, the oxidative benefits are most effective for those whose daily intake of green tea is about 10 cups per day (or 25-29 milligrams per cup).  If a person does not exceed this limit, adding green tea in supplement form or drink form may prove most beneficial.

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Improved metabolic rates resulting in weight loss can also be gained through the pairing of Green Tea (or Green Tea Extract) with L-Carnitine.  Both are known fat burners and have had a long history of association with effective weight loss.




Increased Muscle Endurance/ Reduced Muscle Soreness/ Muscle Recovery. It has long been known that green tea has a lot of antioxidants.  In fact, green tea extract in sufficient amounts can lead to higher antioxidant levels in the body that most studies suggest increases muscle endurance. The catechins found in green tea have also been associated with reducing muscle soreness which then leads to faster recovery—especially for those engaged in exercise training programs.Pairing the compound Quercetin with green tea for improves the absorption of catechins that lead to improvements on muscle soreness leading to faster muscle recovery.



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Improved Productivity, Focus and a Healthy Stress Response. Another beneficial pairing with green tea involves the symbiotic effects of L-theanine and the caffeine present in the said beverage.  This combination is said to result in improved productivity, focus and healthy stress responses that lead to a better quality of life. 


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All the benefits of green tea are luckily present in Cosmo Body with L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract.  Both are proven fat busters that new studies show also contribute to reduced muscle soreness, increased muscle endurance and faster muscle recovery.  Moreover, when paired with other supplements can likewise improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals





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