June 9, 2018


Slackers they are not and are often stereotyped as computer wizzes to boot.  However, there’s one area that millennials truly reign supreme and the reasons why they are viewed as such are truly surprising


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It’s been euphemistically called the “Mary Palmer”, the “Solo Tango” (or Cha-cha or what-have-you) and even been described as an act akin to “Beating the Stick” and/or “Spanking the Monkey.”  Indeed, people may not talk about it on the open so much, but masturbation (for both male and female of the species) have taken center stage recently with the release (sorry, no pun intended) of a study revealing that millennials (i.e. young people below the age of 34) engage in masturbation more frequently than other age groups.


Before you condemn them and put matters into your own hands (sorry again), in order to put things right, let it be said that the study purportedly revealing the sexual inclinations of millennials, is more inclusive than what critics opine it to be.  It also showed for instance the role of gender and even the proclivities of Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers when it comes to solo, sexual activities.


The truth is however, is that millennials have owned up to either Finger Painting Classes or Hunting Red October.  In fact, over half of millennials have admitted to doing the deed weekly—more than any other age group (Gen Xers and the still active Baby Boomers take note)!


But what is it about the “M” word that makes it fascinatingly-provocative when mentioned along with millennials? Is it perhaps the fact that they are stressed-out?  That they are increasingly becoming paranoid due to the world’s chaotic world order?  Could it be that challenging financial opportunities (or lack thereof) has led them to play pocket pinball or shuffle the iPod?


Be that as it may, one thing is certain, most millennials resort to masturbation for various health benefits, which surprisingly enough may include the following.


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BEST MOOD BOOSTER.  Yup, blame it on the endorphins—the happy hormone.  Masturbating stimulates a “flood” of endorphins on the brain giving it a pleasurable mood boost second only to actual sex.  And of course, having a nice mood just makes starting the day just right—hopefully until the next solo act.




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MAKES YOU SLEEP BETTER.  Just like the above endorphin flood, masturbating also provides a literal cocktail (not sure if that qualifies as a pun) of chemicals that include oxytocin, vasopressin and prolactin—all of which may help you sleep. (Fun Fact: Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone which promotes a feeling of warmth and calmness).  All in all masturbation has a sedative effect that may counteract the effects of yes, you guess it—stress!


THE CURE FOR THE COMMON COLD?  How? By strengthening the immune system it seems.  The jury is still out on this one, but a recent study tracked the effects of masturbation in a group of men.  Believe it or not, results showed an increase in leukocytes (killer cells) in the test subjects—theoretically helping maintain the health of the immune system.  If this proves the norm, you may just forego taking a cold tablet in lieu for something more pleasurable.


PROLONGS SEXUAL ENDURANCE.  You might think that after shaking the branch you’d still want more?  Well, that’s precisely what happens when you masturbate regularly. Shaking things up help men (and women) become more comfortable with the sexual emotions that may threaten to overwhelm them.  Thus, keeping things stable while at the same time building stamina and contributing to sexual endurance.


MAY HELP PREVENT ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION/INCREASE SENSITIVITY.  Simply put, its either use or lose it.  Masturbation actually helps keep the machine in tip-top condition—especially for men.  For women, however, it’s more about keeping or maintaining things sensitive for maximum pleasure.


ANTI-AGEING/LONGEVITY.  This is one aspect of healthy living that millennials are probably ahead of the rest as masturbation may actually arrest ageing and slowdown the physical effects of maturity.  This just isn’t a wham-bang kind of masturbation though.  It seems that it is best to be mindful or aware of the activity as this theoretically stimulates the creation of neural pathways.  Increased blood circulation and masturbation’s proven effect on sleep are also expected to result in a healthier, active lifestyle and younger appearance—which may even include preventing hair loss.



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All in all, it’s probably best to consider taking a page on why millennials are avid solo actors.  This doesn’t of course negate the fact that human exchange is important and should be cultivated for the obvious benefits of sociability.  The fact is however, that new things are being discovered even by age groups that are considerably younger and less uninvolved than previous generations.  And yes, if all else fails, just consider the beneficent effects masturbation has on hair loss and wrinkles.


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