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Face it.  If you want immediately noticeable changes in your physique, you just have to build up your upper body.  In particular, your chest muscles and enclosing arms that will no doubt create—or at least give the immediate impression, that your body is gradually changing shape.  Fortunately, there are exercises that can help you do just that. These exercises, or rather combination of pushups, target the muscle groups through a progression of moves that work out the chest and surrounding muscle areas in increments.  One must remember though that these exercises should be done in progression to maximize their benefits. 


Floor Pull-Down.  Start with the perfect pushup position.  Lower your body until it is flat down on the floor (if you are a bit squeamish about the cleanliness of the floor, a yoga mat may prove effective), reach up above your head like you are doing a lateral pull-down.  Grab the air and lower your arms to your sides, while squeezing your elbows into your ribcage, put your palms on the floor to assume the classic push-up position.  Push your body up and then down and do this several times. Doing so will help stabilize your core and help provide tension to the chest area.  Follow this up with the …


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Downward Dog Pushup (Or Dive Bomber).  This looks more like a yoga pose and is actually named after an existing yoga asadha (pose).  By this time, the body is a bit more mobile now and the only thing needed is some tension.  Begin with a push up position but with your hips up and stretch to a plank position.  Push up and down and up again.  You are now ready to dive.  Scrape your chest on the floor with your chin up, as if you are going under a fence (i.e. like a dog entering under a wooden fence or an airplane executing a dive—hence, the name of this pushup) and then pop right back up again. Do this several times until you feel tension in the chest and upper arms area. Follow this up with the …

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Rockstar Push-up. There are many rockstar push up variations but this exercise also borrows heavily at least in pose to another yoga asadha. Begin with a regular push up.  Push up and down and up again.  While up, twist to your side (left or right) with the arms extended and the leg closest to the floor extended forward (in a sweeping motion) to create a scissor-like movement, push down again and up and twist to the other side with the arms extended and the leg closest to the floor extended to create a scissor-like movement.  Do this several times until there’s tension on the chest area, upper arms and abdominal muscles. 

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Do this progression of push-ups as often as you can and the chest area will develop in no time.  While doing these exercises, be sure to take




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