March 12, 2018


Trying to get ripped?  Normally, you’d probably stick to a diet rich in protein to reach your muscle goals.  Hence, your diet will most likely be meat-based, and will most likely include beef, pork, chicken, dairy and perhaps other hooved edible animals.  However, it is unlikely that meat and protein-rich foods alone will ensure optimum muscle development.  In reality, proper nutrition is needed as muscles cannot develop through protein alone.  In fact, without some of these foods, the positive gains of a protein-rich diet may even be negated.  What to do then? Well, here are several foodstuffs that may add some variety to a diet geared towards getting a ripped bod.




Olive Oil.  Olive oil is good and of course it is good because of the monounsaturated fat it has.  It seems that the fat olive oil actually contains serves as an anti-catabolic—which means that it prevents muscle from breaking down and being used as a source of energy by the body.  Hence, it keeps the muscle intact, enabling us to develop it further.






Water.  Around 80 percent of muscles is made of water which is deemed important for protein synthesis.  Indeed, it has been shown that protein synthesis which enables muscle development is actually at its highest in muscles that are well hydrated.  Hydration is important as it can prevent muscles being used as an energy source by the body.








Pineapple.  Pineapple may just be an ideal after workout food as its glycogen stores can replenish the body’s energy requirements.  More than just being an energy source though, pineapples actually help the body digest protein so that the body can absorb it better as it also has the enzyme called bromelein that helps the body absorb dietary protein for muscle development, while providing fiber for proper elimination of waste. 

As mentioned it is also an ideal after workout food.  This is because pineapple helps in the body’s recovery after a strenuous workout.  In fact, it helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.



Beets.  This is not exactly an easy foodstuff to source but is generally available in most supermarkets as a salad vegetable.  Beets are ideal for muscle development as it contains betaine—a nutrient that increases muscle strength while enhancing liver function and repairing joints.  To be honest about it, betaine does not necessarily contribute to muscle growth.  However, since it can contribute to muscle strength, it will enable an individual to work-out more to develop his muscles.



Quinoa.  Like pineapple, quinoa is an ideal after workout foodstuff.  Often deemed a superfood, it is very high in protein and also provides fiber and magnesium.  Unlike other sources, it also has all nine amino acids that are essential for building muscle—certainly a plus if one is interested in getting ripped.  It is also high in carbs that enables the body to recover strength after an exercise routine.











Chocolate Milk, Coffee. Surprised at the inclusion of these beverages?  Well, you are not alone.  In fact most fitness experts may scoff at their inclusion considering them unhealthy at best. However, both beverages have much to offer.  Chocolate milk for instance has what is considered the correct ratio of carbs and protein—both of which are ideal for glycogen synthesis.  Since it contains protein, chocolate milk is deemed better than sugary sports drinks after a particularly gruelling workout.


On the other hand, the caffeine in coffee is ideal for providing enough stimulation and strength that contributes to endurance which is especially ideal for weightlifting. Caffeine also seems to stimulate muscles that leads to a better quality of performance for workouts.




Oysters. Sometimes, when eating protein, one’s fat consumption also increases.  This is not ideal of course, nonetheless oysters provide a better alternative as eating it can increase one’s protein consumption without the fat.  It also has zinc which is essential for protein synthesis that is important for muscle development.








You can also complement the benefits of such foods by taking Cosmo Body with Green Tea Extract (GTE) and L-Carnitine.  GTE and L-Carnitine—its two main ingredients promote thermogenesis which is a process that helps turn fat into fuel for the body.  This enables the body to become lean and more receptive to exercises that promote circulation in the body’s lymphatic system—the main passageway for the nutrients that provide nourishment to the whole body and to muscles specifically. By being well nourished, muscle strength is increased enabling the body to be more receptive to exercise, thus building up the body for a ripped physique.

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