February 8, 2018



Dry wrinkly skin?  Hurting joints? How about crackly tendons?  Chances are, if you are suffering from these conditions, then it is most likely that you need to take collagen to avoid pain and discomfort. Taking collagen supplements on a daily basis is one of the best health-related decisions one can make.  Here are four reasons why taking more of it can lead to a better and healthful life.



 COLLAGEN HELPS WITH YOUR DIET.  Eating healthy is certainly one of the few things that most people resort to in the early part of any year.  For 2018 alone, the ketogenic diet’s popularity has yet to wane.  It is quite challenging to stick to that kind of diet of course, but one way you can do so is by taking collagen in your food—specifically, the drinks or beverages you are taking with your diet.  Of course, there are other diet supplements that can be added to one’s drinks, but collagen it seems is the better choice as it can dissolve immediately and not affect the flavour or taste of beverages (it has a neutral taste).  Hence, the integrity of the taste of one’s beverage will not be affected.  Moreover, it can make one feel full thus enabling you to keep to your diet without any great sacrifice on your part.



COLLAGEN HELPS WITH STOMACH AND GASTRO-INTESTINAL ISSUES.  How?  Well, it seems that collagen is actually good for the stomach as it helps soothe any inflammation in the stomach lining and may even help plug (and heal) any ulceration.  This is good news for those suffering from ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBM) and a host of stomach and gastro-intestinal conditions that keep you busy going to and from the toilet. It is likewise ideal for any antibiotic-related damage to the guts and even helps alleviate stomach cramping.



COLLAGEN HELPS RELIEVE PAIN.  Who wants to experience pain?  Well, if you are one of those who do not want to be inconvenienced, taking collagen might just do the trick.  Taking collagen on a daily basis can result in less “crunch time” for one’s bones and joints.  Joint pain is of course a condition that all of us will experience due to aging.  However, pain could be minimized by regularly taking collagen.  Collagen acts as a cushion between joints and evidence suggest that joint pain could be lessened in as much as three weeks of regularly taking it.  However, let us be honest, even taking collagen daily will not eliminate those mysterious aches and pains.  Nonetheless, these will be minimized through regular collagen intake and will no doubt, make one’s quality of life so much better.



COLLAGEN HELPS SKIN (TO BE) SO SOFT.  Collagen has always been skin-friendly as it has been proven to have anti-aging effects not only for the face but for the body as a whole.  Indeed, taking collagen daily will help with maintaining the skin’s elasticity, promote suppleness and a generally even complexion.  However, don’t expect collagen to work wonders on fine lines.  Fine lines may be minimized but don’t expect any miraculous results at least in just a month’s time of taking it.  Nonetheless …




COLLAGEN CAN HELP REDUCE CELLULITE.  Yes, don’t worry about eating too much fat and not being physically active during the holidays.  Collagen can help promote circulation in the body which in turn helps in repairing the fibers in the upper layers of the skin that cause cellulite to appear.


Fortunately, one doesn’t have to search for natural sources of collagen to help tide one over the holidays and into the New Year.  Cosmo Skin Elite Premium Collagen provides the benefits of collagen conveniently as it comes in capsule form—thus ideal for taking daily.  It helps rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells by replenishing collagen in the skin—and it works fast. Taking four (4) capsules daily can help skin look young, rejuvenated and smooth.  Elite Premium Collagen comes in bottles of 30s and is available at all Watsons stores nationwide and in selected outlets and distributors.


For more information about the healthful benefits of Elite Premium Collagen, please read our other blog articles Stop Hair Loss—Here’s How (December 13, 2017); Collagen for Better Health (November 6, 2017); and Benefits of Collagen You May Not Know About(October 26, 2017).


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