February 7, 2018

Everybody dreams of having a six-pack, bulging biceps, impressive triceps, and yes, even beautiful but muscular calves. Indeed having a ripped body is something we all aspire for.  Just look at all the health and fitness magazines and no doubt, you will realize that you are suffering from muscle envy.  But is there really a fast and immediate way to have a shredded (or ripped) body?  Well, the answer is no—unless you are genetically predetermined to have a figure like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  However, there are ways that could make the journey easier for you and it may even include just popping a supplement that could get you on the path to the body of your dreams.  Here are a few tips:


THINK DIET. THINK LEAN.  Before any trip to the gym, you must first make a detour to the kitchen.  This means throwing away any food item that can be considered junk or processed.  These foods are laden with preservatives and the ingredient that should be avoided by anyone dreaming of a six-pack—sugar. 


While at it, why not throw those bottles of alcohol in the waste bin?  Sure, a few beers every now then is nothing in the scheme of things, but indulging every so often  will add up to an impressive amount of calories that goes straight to further ballooning one’s fat cells.  Also, consuming quantities of alcohol actually forces the body to turn to alcohol as its primary source of energy instead of fat—a definite no, no if you want to stay lean. 


The bottom line:  Don’t eat too much and eat healthy; and don’t indulge.  That is if you are really bent on having a shredded physique.


THINK BIG.  THINK HEAVY. THINK DENSITY.  We are of course referring to the exercises that one should consider to be shredded.  Exercising or working out is of course a big part of the journey to an impressive physique.  This time however, one should be a bit more specific on the exercises of one’s choosing.  For instance, multi-joint exercises are favored for instance, (like when you are pumping iron), these types of exercises enables you to lift far heavier loads that can raise metabolism even after a workout.  Exercises that favor big movements are also ideal as they engage more muscle groups and stimulate the body to release hormones that help burn fat.


Also, when working out, it is ideal to have shorter but more powerful workouts than long, exhausting routines—especially if you are complementing your workout with a low-calorie diet.  This is the reason why most committed athletes and workout fanatics spread out their exercises during the course of the day.  This doesn’t mean of course that you just sit down and watch the clouds roll by while waiting for your next exercise set.  Additional workouts that may pair strength exercises and exercises that do not include weights should be done in between—this is what increasing the density of one’s workout routine means.



THINK NEGATIVE. THINK BURN.  Yup, you’ve read right.  If you want a shredded physique you must accentuate the negative.  Actually, this just means slowing down the negative movements of each exercise.  For instance, when bench pressing, move fast when lifting but try slowing things down when lowering.  The reason for this is that by emphasizing the negative, more muscle trauma is created thereby aiding the burning of fat.


Speaking of fat-burning, one method of further optimizing your workout is by keeping tension on the target muscles you want to develop.  When you tense-up, you are actually blocking blood flow and when you block blood flow, your body stimulates the production of growth hormones that are very effective fat burners.



THINK SUPPLEMENTS.  Of course, you can’t always emphasize the negative and increase muscle tension to achieve a ripped or shredded physique.  Sometimes it is equally effective to complement your low-calorie diet and workout routine with a little healthful push from readily available and effective supplements. Cosmo Body with Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine for instance is a sports supplement with a long and reliable history.  Its two main ingredients for instance promote Thermogenesis which is a process that helps turn fat into fuel for the body.  Thus, enabling the body to become lean and more receptive to exercises that promote circulation in the body’s lymphatic system—the main passageway for the nutrients that provide nourishment to the whole body and to muscles specifically.


All in all, getting shredded involves several paths that unite through the attainment of one goal—a ripped physique; while at the same time being thoughtful and committed on the actions you will undertake for the attainment of that goal.

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