January 20, 2018


Ageing is a natural process that everyone will go through.  However, it also entails a hundred and one changes that the body will experience.  Two of the most debilitating and with potentially excruciating effects is weak bones and joint pains.


Weak bones or bone loss may result from a number of factors including the loss of calcium and collagen that may result in brittle bones that are prone to breaking.   Genetics may play a part in this and although it is a condition that may progressively become debilitating, its progress may be slowed down to make life healthier if not more comfortable.


The same is true as well of one’s joints.  Several factors including the loss of cartilage in joints can result in a painful and even physically debilitating condition.  The onset of arthritis for instance, another condition that is sometimes associated with ageing, can make joint pain unbearable and can even reduce flexibility.


What can one do?



Obviously, there are a lot of things one can do to slow-down if not outright prevent bone loss and unhealthy joints.  These include the avoidance of several foodstuffs like alcohol (it promotes bone loss and inflammation), salt (it removes calcium from the body), sugar (promotes bone loss), sweetened beverages (the phosphorus content is beverages like softdrinks removes calcium from the body) and caffeine (stops calcium from being absorbed by the body) that people should consider removing from their diet.


Fortunately, supplementation enables the body to slow down, if not outright prevent the gradual deterioration of bones and joints.  Ingesting supplements like calcium, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals is helpful—including collagen, as the latter enables the body to encourage bone and tissue development.



Elite Collagen is one dietary supplement that doesn’t only provide the benefits of collagen, but is likewise convenient to take as it is in capsule form.  As a premium source of collagen, Elite Collagen should be taken four times daily, to maximize the benefits of collagen. 


Collagen is the most ubiquitous protein present in the body.  Increasing collagen levels through supplementation will not only result in visible benefits for the skin, but will show other effects like stronger hair, teeth, bones; as well as increased flexibility in joints and tendons.

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