January 16, 2018

 It’s the current “in” diet.  The ketogenic diet has received much praise and sometimes scorn when it became the go to diet for celebrities and millions of people.  It is well-known for being a low-carb diet, where the body is expected to produce ketones in the liver for the body’s use as an energy source. 


Typically in a high carb diet, the glucose produced by the body from carbs will be used as fuel, while dietary fat is stored by the body for future use.  The ketogenic diet is essentially low carb.  Hence, the reasoning behind it is that since the body doesn’t have enough carbs for fuel, the body goes to a state of ketosis, which is primarily the body’s process of surviving when food intake is low.  The body then produces ketones, which enables the liver to breakdown fats ostensibly for fuel.  People might think that the ketogenic diet is a starvation diet of sorts.  However, the distinction is that the diet does not starve the body of calories, but rather starves it of carbohydrates.


The diet continues to be popular though because it does have truly healthful benefits.  Here are seven reasons why you should consider the ketogenic diet.



You Will Lose Weight.  With carbs at a bare minimum in this diet, one of the most noticeable and immediate results will be weight loss.  This is because the body will no longer store fat and instead will use it in lieu of carbs.    Compared to both low-fat and the high-carb diets, the ketogenic diet consistently shows better results than both, in terms of weight loss.  Of course, we all know that losing weight is ideal especially for individuals whose health are compromised and susceptible to pre-existing conditions.


Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will improve.  How could a diet high in fat improve blood pressure and cholesterol?  Unbelievable as it may seem, the ketogenic diet actually improves triglyceride and cholesterol levels associated with arterial build-up.  As weight loss is immediate, blood pressure is likewise expected to improve, as some blood pressure issues are sometimes associated with weight gain.



Your Mental Performance Will Improve.  Eat a carb-laden meal and most likely, you will feel sleepy afterwards.  On the other hand, the ketogenic diet has the opposite effect—it boosts mental performance.  This means your mind is more alert as it is less affected by spikes in blood sugar and you will experience improved focus and greater powers of concentration.







You Will Not Feel Hunger and Have More Energy.  Aside from improved mental performance, one of the more surprising benefits of the ketogenic is that it you will feel more energized and will experience less or no hunger pangs.  Unlike carbs, fats have been shown to be better and reliable energy sources for the body.  Fats have also been known to impart a feeling of satiety or fullness for a longer period of time.



Your skin will clear up.  Aside from weight loss and increased focus and mental performance, another surprising benefit of the ketogenic diet is having clear skin.  Studies have noted that skin lessions and skin inflammation were greatly reduced through a low carb diet; while other studies showed possible improvement for acne sufferers.









Not surprisingly, despite all these health benefits, it would be best to take supplements to complement the ketogenic diet.  To help tighten and provide collagen to the skin, taking Cosmo Cee Vitamin C Supplement with Bioflavonoids and Sodium Ascorbate is ideal after immediate weight loss that results from the diet. 






To enable dieters to feel satiated and full, Fibermaxx Psyllium Fiber Supplement may likewise be taken daily to have that feeling of fullness essential for those who may wish to forego hunger pangs—especially during the initial phase of the diet.

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