January 13, 2018


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Start the day with a glass of OJ (Orange Juice).  How often do we hear such terms related to health peppered with fruits and sometimes veggies?  More often than you might think it seems, as the English Language is liberally sprinkled with idioms that have a fruit or two included in them.  What’s easily apparent though is that most of these expressions are related to health, or the appearance of health.  Perhaps this is one way by which our forebears actually realized through observation that fruits and veggies promote health.


Believe it or not, they may not be far off the mark.  Fruits are usually rich in vitamins and wait for it … bioflavonoids.



Bioflavonoids are a large class of phytochemicals that are often described as powerful.  They are a class of their own in terms of their impressive health benefits but are most well-known for its effect on the health benefits of Vitamin C.  It seems that bioflavonoids actually prevent the breakdown of Vitamin C in the body.  The vitamin it seems is easily broken down by the body, shortening the time the body can use its beneficial effects.  Bioflavonoids however can inhibit its breakdown, thus prolonging Vitamin’s C’s healthful benefits.  Fortunately, Mother Nature seems to have realized this and made bioflavonoids a part of most Vitamin C rich foods like fruits and veggies (e.g. citrus etc.), which incidentally are all colourful.


So how beneficial are bioflavonoids?  Here are a few really surprising benefit of these powerful phytochemicals.


                                                                                 GOOD FOR THE LEGS. 

 Before you insure your gams, just be sure that bioflavonoids are part of your diet.  Believe it or not, this class of phytochemicals is good for varicose veins.  Crawly leg spiders develop when leg veins stretch and their valves stop blood from flowing properly, thus forming pools of blood in veins.  Of course, there are now cosmetic procedures that can eliminate this problem but there’s still no beating the fact that you can prevent them naturally with a diet rich in bioflavonoids.



Extensive studies still need to be conducted, but bioflavonoids have shown much promise when it comes to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.  It seemed that taking it regularly showed a significant reduction in cardiovascular conditions to those prone to heart conditions.



                                                                                A NATURAL FOR TREATING PILES.

Piles of course is a less familiar term for hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids are caused by pressure on the veins of the anus and rectum.  Need we remind everyone that this condition is to say the least, very unpleasant?  Fortunately, like the veins in one’s legs, bioflavonoids can help improve circulation in the area.





Anything that ends with “is” denotes inflammation and in the case of hepatitis it describes the inflammation of the liver that causes much discomfort and pain for sufferers.  Bioflavonoids seem to alleviate the condition.  In particular, the bioflavonoid catechin seems to help the most.  Incidentally, catechin is found in matcha—the very strongly-flavored green tea favoured by the Japanese.











With all the wonderful properties of Bioflanoids, including it in supplements seems like a sure thing.  Cosmo Cee Vitamin C Food Supplement contains Bioflavonoids that provide protection from free radicals that can cause cell damage.  It is known for improving circulatory health and helps support the body’s immune system.  Cosmo Cee Vitamin C Food Supplement comes in bottles of 60s and packs of 10s.  A Cosmo Cee Sulit Pack is also available, which contains two packs of 10s.







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