January 11, 2018

It’s like a chronic dieter going on a yo-yo diet.  Workout-holics usually bulk-up then try to lean down so that their body’s definition becomes, well, even more defined.  It is in fact a cycle that most of them go through, especially if they are in the midst of preparations for a bodybuilding tournament.  The trouble however, lies in the fact that upon leaning-down to a level that provides definition, most will likely eliminate much of the gains they’ve achieved in creating a great bod.

How to properly go about the bulking-up and leaning down process then? Here are a few tips that we hope could shed some light on this quandary.



DRINK-UP, BUT ONLY CERTAIN STUFF AND AT CERTAIN HOURS.  Don’t reach for that sports drink just yet.  Sure, the electrolytes that they give can immediately assuage thirst and give much needed energy.  However, most of these are deemed unhealthy.  The reason for this is sugar and the fact that they don’t give you that feeling of fullness and satiety that can make one stick to an exercise and diet routine with ease.  Also it is deemed best to only drink water, if possible.  Otherwise, stick to coffee, green tea, and herbal tea for the antioxidants that they provide.  Likewise, try to drink up before a workout.  If you need to cheat once in a while, try a protein-shake once in a while after exercising.



EAT REAL FOOD.  As in real food that can be cooked and in which cutlery is not an option but a necessity. Processed foods, although “super”-convenient are actually full of fat that can successfully sabotage one’s diet and exercise plan.  Hence, resorting to processed foods will make it difficult to eliminate fat.  When eating real food though, don’t try to go over-the-top and cut everything back.  Doing so will only make you crave and we all know what happens after that.



EAT MORE PROTEIN.  You want to be lean and ripped?  While eating real food, better add more protein to your diet.  Protein is an ideal food for those who want to become lean sans the feeling of deprivation.  This is because it can reduce hunger and cravings, enables blood glucose level to stabilize while increasing metabolism.  Just remember though that protein requires more energy to digest, so you better give yourself time to digest it, thereby facilitating metabolism.



AVOID STRESS.  One of the best saboteurs of a diet-and workout-plan is stress.  Stress can happen when one feels overwhelmed by the tasks one has to do in order to achieve that ripped physique.  Well, don’t fret.  The best thing to do in this case is to plan ahead and plan well.  Make a list of the things you need to do daily and follow through.  Don’t freak out and try do things calmly and methodically.  The reason for this is that you don’t want to increase the level of cortisol in your body which can wreak havoc on muscle tissue and the immune system.



GET SOME ZZZZss.  Yes, sleep is the great leveller.  Everyone needs it and everyone needs to do it.  However, having as much of it is something not all people can actually have in abundance.  This is a pity, considering that sleep deprivation actually affects metabolism, sensitivity to insulin and even obesity.  Having enough sleep can also contribute to uncontrolled weight gain, which is exactly the opposite of one’s goal to be ripped.



BE REALISTIC, HANG TOUGH...  As in any difficult undertaking, one must be tough, committed and realistic to the whole enterprise and its eventual result.  Bulking-up, getting lean to be ripped and thereafter maintaining the benefits of your developed muscles doesn’t end when you achieve your goals.  Things will not become easy as losing weight actually slows down as your body reacts to the discipline you are imposing on it.  Hence, if you think you still need to lose 10 pounds, your body just might compromise to only half that.  Interestingly, once the body gets the signal that you desire to lose weight, it will eventually cooperate.  Nonetheless, it is always that final few pounds that will cause some trouble. 



AND DON’T MIND GETTING HELP.  There are supplements and ingestives that can help you to bulk up, and lose weight.  Euphoriamaxx Glutamine for instance is ideal for bulking up as it helps in promoting muscle mass through the replenishment of glutamine levels in the body.  Glutamine is an amino acid essential for muscle development, while assisting the body for faster muscle recovery.





Cosmo Body with Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine on the other hand, is ideal for losing weight as both green tea and L-Carnitine are known fat busters that can provide results in less than two weeks.  With the help of both, expect a lean and ripped body in no time.

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