January 9, 2018


Hope springs eternal.  But for 2018, you just might finally chuck that hamper load of oversized clothes permanently.  How?  Through various means of course that may include exercise, diet and judicious lifestyle choices.  Don’t worry though the weight loss tips that will follow are not only designed to make you lose weight immediately, but rather permanently.   Here are 10 easy ways to keep that weight off.




ONE.  The reason behind this is simple.  Having breakfast gives you that satiated feeling that extends for the better part of the morning.  Thus, it doesn’t give you the chance to munch on calorie-rich snacks that   may tempt you as the day progresses.  This seems to have been validated by recent studies.  They found that eating a big breakfast lessens the so-called hunger hormone, ghrelin. This results in less hunger, which then results in less food eaten, and which then (ideally) results in weight loss.


… AND FINISH MEALS WITH A SOMETHING SWEET.  So, there is a reason why people instinctively reach or ask for something sweet after a meal.  It seems that having something sweet lessens food cravings.  Believe it or not though, having something sweet after a meal is best done after a big breakfast.



EAT FIBER.  Fiber has always been good for the body.  It cleanses the body and rids it of toxins that are harmful to it.  Fiber also  gives the body that feeling of fullness that allows one not to have cravings.  Should one find it difficult to have fiber through meals, it can be done through supplementation.  Psyllium fiber is one of the best sources of dietary fiber and is one of the oldest to be used for that purpose.  There are various fiber supplements available of which Fibermaxx is one of the most convenient  to drink.  Just put the recommended quantity in your favourite beverage or drink.  It can also be taken straight.  Just how much fiber is recommended for daily intake?  30 grams seems to be enough.  But why not take more?



DRINK LOTS OF LIQUIDS.  Preferably, the liquids one takes daily should be water, tea or coffee—and no other.  Other beverages touted as healthful drinks may just be questionable, considering that these usually have sugar added to them and are also considered culprits for increased belly fat.  Don’t worry though as there is variety in water, tea or coffee.  Green Tea (the beverage) and Green Tea Extract, have for instance been associated with a host of healthful benefits including weight loss.  Cosmo Body with Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine is one such product that has used the healthful properties of green tea for effective weight loss.


Combined with a reduced calorie low fat diet, Cosmo Body Premium Health and Weight Loss Supplement can help reduce weight fast, resulting in a healthy weight loss of up to 10 lbs in just one week.



EAT LESS MEAT.  This is not only good for the body but good for the environment as well.  Moreover, meat is becoming more expensive and the less you partake of it means savings.  The best thing to do is to replace it with plant-based protein that can result in significant weight loss.  Beans and mushrooms may be used to replace meat in dishes as both are actually-packed with the umami goodness we usually associate with meat. 





THINK DAIRY.  Dairy products have received so much flak in recent years but taking them on a daily basis is actually good. Dairy products not only provide us with a good source of calcium, but also Vitamin D, a vitamin that enables muscle growth and increases metabolism.  Dairy products also provide the hormone calciotrol which hinders the conversion of sugar to fat and instructs the body to burn more body fat.






HAVE WINE, BUT MEASURE IT.  A small glass of wine is ideal for daily consumption.  This amounts to about 125 ml of wine.  Although wine is good, it should be taken sparingly—thus, the one small glass rule.  Having more than the recommended daily allowance, will most likely result in more calories taken, which can inevitably lead to an increase in weight in the long run.  Another plus for wine is that it contains grape seed extract which has been associated with skin lightening and anti-ageing benefits. 


HAVE SOME MUFA.  What is MUFA?  MUFA simply means mono-unsaturated fatty acids.  This is the so called good source of dietary fat.  Some good sources of MUFA are nuts, avocado and the most renowned source of MUFA, olive oil.  Why is it ideal for permanent weight loss?  Well, it seems that MUFA simply helps one lose weight.



LESSEN OR TOTALLY ELIMINATE SUGAR FROM ONE’S DIET.  The legendary actress Gloria Swanson will love this weight loss tip.  She has long been an anti-sugar advocate, considering it a poison—but since she looked young when she died sans any cosmetic intervention, there seems to be something about her aversion to sugar.  Actually, it may be very difficult to remove sugar from one’s diet entirely but the less sugar one takes the more likely one will lose weight.




TUNA-RIFFIC.  Yes! It’s the chicken of the sea and there’s reason why it is celebrated.  Although tuna prices are increasing; and canned tuna seems to be gaining more water weight than what is ideal, it still remains a valuable go-to foodstuff  for those seeking permanent weight loss.  Why? It seems that a mere 25 grams of tuna is enough to satiate hunger.







Boosting fiber intake through Fibermaxx will facilitate even faster absorption of vitamins and nutrients that are needed by the body for optimum health.










Cosmo Body with Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine has been known to facilitate weight loss in as much as a week’s time.  It blends two powerful teas—Green Tea (EGCG) and L-Carnitine.  It also contains polyphenols and Epigallocathechin which have been proven effective in promoting Thermogenesis, a process by which fat is converted into energy.

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