Muscle Up with L-Carnitine

December 15, 2017

L-carnitine has had a long and quite colorful history.  It seems that when it was first discovered and studied, scientists can’t seem to make up their minds as what to make of it, as it looked more of a hybrid between an amino acid and vitamin B.  In fact, it was even called vitamin BT at one point.

Be that as it may, L-carnitine’s effectiveness as a fat burner is most likely overshadowed all the other benefits that can be derived from it.  In fact, it remains so effective that it is often used and touted as merely just that—a fat burner, regardless of its other uses.



Muscle growth and development

For instance, has anyone really caught on as to how L-carnitine can contribute to muscle building and growth?  Well, recent studies on L-carnitine show that it can do just that.  The reason why it seems so helpful in muscle building is, no surprise here, because of how it affects fat, in particular the transport of fat.

As previously mentioned, L-carnitine helps transport long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria, the so-called batteries of cells.  The fats are then used as a fuel by the cells through the process of oxidation.  One of the products of this process is Adenosine Tri-Phospate or ATP, which when boosted in the body helps individuals to keep up with intense physical body.  Hence, an individual doing muscle-building exercises can keep working-out longer because of the presence of ATP in his system.  The result of course is an impressive physique characterized by lean rippled muscles.

Although studies have yet to fully explain L-carnitine’s effects on muscle growth, initial studies have shown that it facilitates the action of what is called the insulin-like growth factor-I, which is important for muscle growth as it boosts the levels of binding proteins in muscles.

Improving athletic performance and other benefits

Helping individuals gain muscle growth is not the only effects of L-carnitine.  For instance, it also helps keeps blood glucose levels low—which is why it may be advisable to also take L-carnitine with
post-workout meals.


Another benefit of L-carnitine is how it enables individuals to work out longer and with more intensity without experiencing excessive fatigue.  This is because it helps burn fat, while managing the presence of lactic acid in muscles at lower levels, while at the same time preserving muscle glycogen.  Additionally, it may even help in reducing muscle damage caused by strenuous exercise, while also increasing recovery time after exercising.



L-carnitine supplementation

Fortunately, L-carnitine is readily available in supplement form. However, it seems that to make the most of its beneficial effects, one has to take it while also ingesting carbs.  This is one of the reasons why L-carnitine is usually associated with weight management programs that feature meal plans.

Fortunately, taking L-carnitine for managing weight and increasing muscle growth is easy with Cosmo Body with Green Tea and L-Carnitine.


Cosmo Body helps facilitate weight loss through its unique formulation that combines the healthful and weight loss benefits of green tea and L-carnitine that increases metabolism, while at the same time providing the energy needed for working that eventually results in a lean muscled physique.

So next time you need to keep those muscle cuts even more defined and impressive, think of L-carnitine and all its wonderful benefits.

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