Heal Your Leaky Gut with Collagen

December 15, 2017

The holidays can be brutal to one’s digestive system.  Days after polishing that 10-course Christmas or New Year-spread, it is likely that most will probably find themselves reaching out for that stomach relaxant or that cup of  soothing herbal tea.  Unfortunately, having a highly active digestive system may lead to a condition called a “leaky gut” wherein toxins may actually pass through an impaired digestive tract—leading to complications that may lead to infection or worse.

An unhealthy gut

But what is a leaky gut?  As mentioned, it is a condition wherein toxins, bacteria and other bad substances that would otherwise be neutralized in the digestive system, are able to pass through the digestive tract or the bloodstream.  Its causes are varied but stems primarily from an unhealthy gut.


Poor gut health can result from excessive food intake, changes in the microbiome (or the bacterial flora of the stomach), or simply being born with a thin gut lining that can cause irritation and/or inflammation.  The permeability of the gut plays a great role in allowing the passage of unwanted particles and toxins in the bloodstream that can cause what is called an inflammatory cascade (a severe physical reaction to infection).

This is where the importance of collagen comes in.  It seems that individuals with leaky guts (along with those suffering from other conditions like gastrointestinal disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns’ disease, and ulcers have low levels of collagen in their bodies.



How collagen helps

Collagen is important, in the sense that it helps break down proteins to heal damaged gut linings and cell walls, while at the same time infusing these with healing amino acids that help build damaged tissues.  In other words, collagen makes the gut lining stronger and less susceptible to the unwanted passage of toxins and other undesirable substances.

Although the body produces collagen, ageing and other factors affect its production. This is probably the reason why those with leaky guts are usually mature individuals or those whose constitutions are already weak.  As such, it is important that collagen supplementation be resorted to by those whose digestive systems are impaired or those who want to maintain a healthy gut and avoid a leaky gut altogether.




The ease of supplementation

Fortunately, collagen supplements like Cosmo Skin Collagen Powder Drink and Elite Collagen are readily available in easy to ingest forms. In powder form, it can be mixed with soothing beverages that can be imbibed without any difficulty by those with sensitive stomachs.  On the other hand, those who want to ingest collagen in capsule form may do so with Elite Collagen.

All in all, the value of collagen in promoting health seems to grow daily.  Hence, why not start benefiting from the beneficial properties of collagen by starting now?

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Heal Your Leaky Gut with Collagen

December 15, 2017

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