Collagen for Better Health

November 6, 2017


There’s more to collagen than its ability to make skin youthful and smooth.  As the most abundant form of protein in the human body, collagen can be found not only in the skin but also in muscles, bones, blood vessels, the human digestive system and tendons.  In fact, it is so important to one’s well-being that it is sometimes referred to as the glue that helps keep the body intact.


However, the production of collagen in the human body slows down due to aging.  This results in a variety of conditions like the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin and even joint pains (decreased cartilage) that may affect quality of life.  Indeed, it is but logical to assume that the only way to prevent this continuing loss of collagen is to boost its presence in one’s body.


How to do it?  Top on the list of course is by eating more collagen-rich foods.  However, if diet is not exactly suited to one’s lifestyle, ingesting collagen in powdered form like Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen may be the answer.  Powdered collagen is soluble and may easily be included in shakes, hot and cold drinks or even added to food.  Boosting collagen assures an individual that he/she can prevent, reduce and protect himself/herself from a host of conditions that range from the arguably cosmetic, the physical and the even life-threatening afflictions the body is faced with.  Here are some of the conditions that may just give you the necessary push to boost your collagen intake:



Cellulite / Stretch Marks. 

The bane of most women and men worldwide is the unsightly cellulite.  It is of course caused primarily by the loss of the skin’s elasticity—thus making it more visible and apparent to everyone.  Not surprisingly collagen improves the skin’s elasticity making the dimpling less apparent. The same is true for stretch marks, which although not exactly primarily caused by aging, can likewise be reduced by boosting collagen in the body.



Joint Pain. 

Let us face it, joint pains occur more frequently when aging.  This is due to the decreased cartilage in our tendons that makes our joints stiff, thereby causing pain.  Although this is a natural degenerative process, it can be alleviated by increasing collagen in the body as the gel-like, smooth structure of collagen acts like a lubricant for joints and bones, leading to less stiffness and swelling in the joints.



Hair Loss/ Weak Nails and Teeth. 

Are you suffering from an inordinate amount of hair loss?  How about crumbling teeth?  Splitting nails, perhaps?  Aging and other environmental factors may cause these of course.  However, one of the main reasons is insufficient collagen.  Collagen is a protein which is primarily one of the building blocks of hair, nails and teeth.  Boost collagen and you will surely have healthy hair, nails and teeth.

Cardiovascular Health.  Collagen is primarily a protein and protein in return is primarily made up of amino acids—its main building blocks.  Among the amino acids present in collagen is proline, which has been proven to shrink fat in the walls of arteries leading to the heart.  It also repairs arterial tissue and helps control blood pressure—all of which are important in maintaining a healthy ticker.  Hence, boosting collagen may prove worthwhile in keeping the heart healthy and in good working condition for years to come.



Luckily, there are a lot of healthy foodstuffs like carrots, sweet potatoes, fish and grass-fed meat that are rich in collagen.  There are also powdered collagen drinks, like Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen, that are readily available and are convenient to use by those who wish to avoid degenerative conditions that may become obstacles to leading a healthy and productive life.



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