Glutathione For A Healthy Body

October 26, 2017


Glutathione is a powerful if not one of the most powerful antioxidants we have.  The reason for this claim is that glutathione is actually produced and used by every cell in the human body.  It is also one of the most versatile as its healthful benefits are almost too many to enumerate—with perhaps even more surprising uses and benefits that can be associated with it in the near future.  Although known primarily for its skin whitening ability, glutathione as mentioned is a powerful antioxidant with many useful and as shown below, surprising uses.  Here are a few :




Aging is reality that most people would like to overlook..  The human body actually produces less glutathione as it ages. Women most especially have it harder as glutathione production drops precipitously in menopause. It has been shown however, that taking additional glutathione to replace the drop in glutathione production can result in slowing down the aging process.  This is because glutathione prevents free radicals from doing harm to the human body.  Thus preventing the body from deteriorating further.



If it can stop the body from aging and deteriorating,   doesn’t it follow then that glutathione can also prevent if not ameliorate the brain’s deterioration due aging?  The reason why some studies believe so is rather complicated, but rests on how glutathione affects the process of oxidation in the body.  By doing so, glutathione helps the body in regenerating other antioxidants in the body such as Vitamins C and E; the latter in particular has been proven to affect the progression of Alzheimer’s. Other neurodegenerative conditions that glutathione may help include Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease.




As discussed above, the level of glutathione in the body affects the latter’s ability to fight aging and degenerative conditions. In fact, low levels of glutathione have been seen in individuals who are suffering from many diseases including AIDS, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, cystic fibrosis and influenza. This is because with low glutathione in the body, the body’s macrophages (white blood cells) become less active.  As such the body is unable to fight off any infection that it is confronted with.  Not surprisingly, Increasing the level of glutathione in the body through eating glutathione rich foodstuffs and supplements ensures healthy macrophages.



Even the heart benefits from glutathione, but again in a roundabout way.  As glutathione affects oxidative stress, the resulting conditions that result from the latter like insulin resistance, glucose intolerance and diabetes are prevented from developing—thus lessening the risk of stroke and heart attacks from occurring.




The relation of high oxidative stress and having low levels of glutathione has already been noted in a variety of conditions.  But did you know that having low levels of glutathione can also lead to the bane of teenagers worldwide—acne. Fortunately, this teenage condition can now be solved through glutathione supplementation, resulting in a clear acne-free complexion.


Of course, one may have recourse to diet in increasing our body’s glutathione levels.  Fruits are particularly chockfull of this antioxidant.  However, the glutathione that can be ingested through the consumption of these glutathione-rich foods is at best guesswork.  The best way therefore is to increase glutathione levels through supplements that can guarantee the exact dosage.  Moreover, the supply of supplements can be guaranteed as opposed to the seasonal nature of some glutathione-rich foods.

Cosmo Skin Glutathione dietary supplement is therefore not only convenient, but can also assure consumers of the exact dosage as indicated in each bottle.  Moreover, the provenance of the ingredients can likewise be guaranteed as its manufacturers follow strict guidelines set up by local regulatory agencies.

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