Boost Your Testosterone!

October 25, 2017


Feeling downbeat?  Lacking your razor sharp mental focus?  How about being constantly fatigued?  If you answer yes to all three, chances are your testosterone level is on a downward spiral.  Indeed, the often misunderstood hormone actually affects one’s life outside the bedroom, with various conditions actually directly influenced by how healthy one’s testosterone level is at the moment.


Of course, there are various ways and means by which one can address an imbalance in testosterone.  However, the easiest and perhaps the most delightful is through food.  Indeed, some foodstuffs actually lend themselves well to increasing testosterone as increasing their consumption can make your testosterone stores shoot up.  Here are a few testosterone boosters:





The coconut is already a wonder tree that has numerous uses.  But do you actually know that coconut oil (preferably virgin coconut oil) can actually increase testosterone?  Actually, the body needs adequate levels of healthy saturated fats which is essential for testosterone production.  In fact, recent studies suggest that virgin coconut oil can actually significantly increase serum testosterone levels.









It’s not exactly the most popular of fruits in the Philippines, but the juice derived from this Iberian favourite can actually increase salivary testosterone.  A study showed that it can actually increase testosterone by 24 percent with a corresponding improvement in mood and emotions.  Now, if only pomegranate juice can be easily found in local supermarket shelves.






Olive oil has long been touted as a magical elixir for countless medical conditions and not surprisingly, has also been given credit for increasing testosterone.  The key here it seems is the monounsaturated fat of olive oil which has been noted to increase testosterone levels in the body by 17 percent within a span of three weeks.






Blame it on zinc or the lack of it.  Zinc is essential to the production of testosterone in the body and without it,  testosterone levels suffer.  Where to get the extra zinc?  Well, just load up on red meat and seafood—crustaceans in particular.  Both are rich in zinc and hence, ideal for the testosterone deficient.





Red Meat is also a great source of the amino acid L-Arginine which can help boost testosterone in the body.  However, should red meat be unavailable and non-preferred due to ethical reasons, supplements that can provide L-Arginine are available in health stores. 


One such product is Euphoria Maxx L-Arginine, a handy sports supplement that can also increase stamina.








Testosterone-challenged people can soak sunlight for a daily dose of Vitamin D which helps in testosterone production.  As mentioned, seafood is rich in zinc and hence also good for increasing the hormone.  However, fish eggs are also a great source of Vitamin D.

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