Transformations with CosmoSkin

October 17, 2017


Stars literally descended from the heavens to take part in Cosmo Skin’s Transformations Beauty and Fitness event in SM Fairview last October 14.  Actor and sports-enthusiast Gerald Anderson; beauty icon Ruffa Gutierrez; Bb Pilipinas Universe 2012 Ariella Arida and Mr World Philippines 2016 Sam Ajdani lent their collective star power to make the biggest event of Bargn Farmaceutici Philippines Company (BFPC) truly unmatched even by its closest rivals in the beauty, diet, sports and health supplements industry.


Indeed, members of the public who were lucky enough to avail of seats and vantage points in the tightly-packed main hall of SM Fairview’s Annex building, went into paroxysms of delight when the endorsers arrived.


​​First on the list of presenter was, Mr World 2016 Sam Ajdani.  Wearing an outfit that accentuated his slim waist, lean physique and bulging biceps; he regaled the audience with an impromptu display of exercises that literally made everyone think immediately of joining a gym.  He humbly shared that he didn’t always looked as buffed and fit as he is today but that he managed to transform himself overtime.  He says that like him, anyone interested in transforming their physical selves should make a commitment that entails discipline and dedication to health.


​​Watching one’s diet should also be the ideal, he says.  Thankfully, he notes that Cosmo Body, BFPC’s diet supplement that comes either as Cosmo Body with L-Carnitine and Green Tea extract and Cosmo Body Advanced with Garcinia Cambogia (another natural fat-buster) can help in weight control.  As a regular gym goer though, he notes that it’s also important to take supplements to optimize one’s energy and muscle growth.  He maintains that BFPC’s Euphoriamaxx sports supplements (BCAA, Creatine, L-Arginine and Glutamine) does that and more as each variant has specific effects (e.g. muscle growth, provides extra-energy, improved circulation and hydration) that are ideal when one is working out.  Likewise, cleansing the body of toxins, he suggests, should be the norm for everyone and that Fibermaxx—the newest soluble fiber dietary supplement of BFPC can help, as it is made from all natural psyllium husk.



Actor and sports enthusiast Gerald Anderson then took to the stage to talk about Cosmo Cee.  He proudly mentioned that he is on his third year as a Cosmo Cee endorser and could vouch for the healthful benefits of the Vitamin C supplement.  He notes that Cosmo Cee remains unique among local Vitamin C supplements because it contains Citrus Bioflavonoids which enhances and prolongs the effect of Vitamin C to the body.  As a sports enthusiast, Gerald was appreciative of Cosmo Cee’s ability to impart to users the extra energy and immunity needed to maximize a healthful lifestyle.


He then took the time to interact with the audience by posing and giving away Cosmo Cee and other BFPC products to a lucky few.  He also demonstrated how important Vitamin C is to the body through an activity that made use of oranges that represented our body’s Vitamin C reserves vis-à-vis the energy-depleting conditions and factors (e.g. stress, chemicals) that people encounter and experience daily.  The activity which involved throwing oranges through a basket, showed how such conditions and factors take away one’s reserves of Vitamin C—thus he says, the need to supplement it through such healthful products like Cosmo Cee.


To stress the all-natural aspects of Cosmo Skin GSE, she also presented a number of beauty remedies  that can help prevent and resolve several skin issues, including:  oily skin, dry skin, dull skin and the like.  She proudly states that these inexpensive remedies, coupled with the regular intake of Cosmo Skin GSE can result in the healthy, clear and light-toned skin that everyone desires.


Last but not the least among the BFPC endorsers that lit up the halls of SM Fairview was Cosmo Skin Glutathione and Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen Drink  Ambassador Ruffa Gutierrez.  The ever bubbly beauty answered a number of questions concerning beauty and skincare that were practical, informative and enlightening vis-à-vis the use of beauty supplements and ingestives, the importance of collagen in maintaining one’s complexion and the variety of available products from BFPC’s ever growing Cosmo Skin brand that can be resorted to for any skin issue.

She also stressed the importance of diet and regular consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, natural collagen, vitamins and even minerals like sulphur which she notes is actually important in the body’s natural production of collagen.


“Providing skintellectual solutions to skin problems and introducing the public to fitness hacks have always been a hallmark of our events,” says Nino Bautista, one of the founders and co-directors of BFPC.  “We make sure that our events impart knowledge and appreciation of the health and wellness that all of us should aspire to in our daily lives.”


But the public also got more than just remedies and the newest exercise moves.  Just in time for the holiday season, Transformations also provided them with the means of changing themselves through, a week-long “Buy 2, Take 1” product combination promo; and a special, one-day only “Buy 2 Take 1” promo for individual products.  “We also gave away freebies for selected items,” says John Redentor Gatus, co-founder and director of BFPC.  “and introduced the public to our gift packs that are ideal Christmas gifts for the coming holidays.” The said gift packs will be made available through Watson’s stores nationwide.


But can the public expect another big event soon?


“It is our commitment to the public to keep this annual tradition of BFPC going,” says Bautista, noting that “as long as we keep providing the public with what it wants and needs, the BFPC big event will remain to serve and inspire.”




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