Getting Active with COSMO CEE!

September 11, 2017


 The country’s leading Vitamin C supplement wants you to get active!


We can’t get enough of Vitamin C, specifically Cosmo Cee.


Since it was introduced in 2011, the supplement’s popularity has remained on the up and up, largely in part to the popularity of its current endorser, Gerald Anderson.  Luckily, the latter’s fondness for sports, made him a shoo-in for Cosmo Cee’s current campaign, “Get Active!” which seeks to inspire people to always be on the move, be sports-and health-minded and yes, that word again, active.


 The “Get Active!” campaign was launched last August 22 at the Raffles Hotel in Makati.  Minutes before it was launched though,  BFPC founders and guests toasted the company’s newest achievement—the newly-constructed and now operational Bargn Farmaceutici  Philippines Company (BFPC) plant in Dasmarinas Technopark in Cavite.


 Gasps were heard from the audience as the facilities of the state-of-the-art FDA-approved complex showed the latest in supplements manufacturing machinery.  The main building, which currently houses the production; packaging and administrative offices also impressed the guests with its clean lines and luxurious appointments.  “The plant is both the culmination and the start of a new chapter in the history of BFPC,” says one of the company founders, Nino Bautista, when asked to comment on the new manufacturing facility.  “It’s the result of our passion for our mission to create quality health and beauty supplements in BFPC, adding that “passion is BFPC’s best asset.”


Adds John Redentor Gatus:  “BFPC is a customer-oriented company and through the new manufacturing facility, we will be more able to continue supplying the public with our products and give us space and the confidence to further innovate.”






The launch of “Get Active!” remains the centrepiece of the event, however, as Gerald was soon introduced to the delight of the press and social media influencers.  Looking attractively lean in a Cosmo Cee shirt worn underneath a blazer, the young actor exuded the healthy glow that a regular regimen of Vitamin C can provide.

Upon taking a seat onstage, event host MJ Marfori immediately initiated a question and answer portion that showed just how at how Gerald felt with his role as an endorser.  Asked as to how he manages to pursue all his interests while keeping tabs on his profession, he attributed these to his healthful lifestyle and Cosmo Cee.  “It helps me maintain my overall wellness and health,” he states.


No doubt, the Founders of Cosmo Cee were likewise appreciative of Gerald’s role as their long-time endorser.  “He is simply perfect for Cosmo Cee,” explains Bautista.  “He is someone who values health and wellness and even his mere presence exudes that glow of youth and fitness.”


Followers of Gerald will be happy to note that the Get Active campaign will further gain traction in the months to come.  “We’ve lined-up several activities in support of the campaign,” says Gatus.  Hence, fans of both Gerald and Cosmo Cee can expect more activities with their idol, with a particularly big event slated this October. 




Cosmo Cee is available in bottles of 30s at all Watsons stores and selected outlets nationwide.  #GetActiveWithCosmoCee



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