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August 30, 2017

Cosmo Skin’s inimitable selection of dietary supplements and beauty ingestives are here to remind everyone that restoring, renewing and revitalizing beauty is as easy as can be.


“It’s all about consistency,” shares Ruffa Gutierrez when asked to reveal her beauty and skincare routine during an impromptu press conference after her short but delightful presentation on stage at the Time to Renew event of Watsons at the Podium.  What the statuesque beauty means, of course, is that you have to be constant and disciplined when it comes to skincare.


“I’m lucky that I’ve been blessed with good genes,” she says humbly, but even then she nonetheless became mindful of the importance of maintaining a proper skincare regimen, following a healthful diet and there’s that word again, being “consistent” in taking dietary and beauty supplements.


Ever gracious in sharing her beauty secrets, she and Cosmo Skin Founder Nino Bautista presented quite a few tips to the public on how to restore, renew and revitalize vigour and vitality—all of which are important aspects in remaining beautiful both from within and without.



As the Cosmo Skin Glutathione and Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen Ambassador, Ruffa couldn’t stress enough the healthful qualities of glutathione and the wondrous effects of collagen on the skin, noting that Cosmo Skin’s Premium Collagen Drink has 20,000 milligrams of collagen per serving.  “It’s the only one that has the most collagen than other comparable brands,” she states.


What amused the audience most, however, was the Beauty ABCs that she and Bautista presented.  Utilizing readily available vegetables and foodstuffs, both reminded the audience at the Renew event that the valuable vitamins and minerals from such inexpensive sources, can actually help in maintaining beautiful skin.  A surprising example for instance was the onion which contains sulphur. 


“Sulphur is actually a valuable mineral that is critical in the production of collagen,” says Bautista, adding that collagen is ideal for maintaining skin elasticity. 

The same surprising quality was also said about Vitamin C which is found in citrus fruits.  “Vitamin C helps to prevent the skin from sagging,” says Ruffa, noting that the red bell pepper actually has more vitamin C than other traditional citrus fruits.

The other foodstuffs that were presented were also lauded for the antioxidants that they contain which likewise help in maintaining cell production, protecting skin elasticity and providing protection from the harmful effects of sunlight that may result in skin darkening and melasma.


They were cognizant of the fact, however, that convenience should also be considered as there are readily available supplements and ingestives one can resort to should these foodstuffs are not available.  Cosmo Skin for instance has its flagship Vitamin C brand, Cosmo Cee for preventing sagging skin; while for correcting dark spots, the company also has its newly-launched Cosmon Skin GSE, which contains Grape Seed Extract.


Indeed, restoring and renewing beauty is as easy as can be.


Cosmo Skin Glutathione, Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen Drink, Cosmo Cee and Cosmo Skin GSE are available at all Watsons stores nationwide.



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