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August 15, 2017


The more challenging the workout the better it seems for the body.  This is no doubt true for model and fitness enthusiast, Atilio Bustamante; whose toned physique is the envy of his peers and let’s face it, eye candy for the ladies. 


Anyway, it seems that he attained his current bod not through genes alone, but also through daily workouts that sees him intensely working on certain muscle groups by way of the muscles that directly oppose these (or antagonist muscles).  Called “antagonist supersets,” this type of working out isn’t exactly new though, but has been around for decades.  Nonetheless, a new batch of sports enthusiasts like Atilio, have rediscovered this “supersets” and incorporated these into their daily routines.




Not surprisingly, increasing the intensity of his workouts has not fazed Atilio who admits that taking Euphoriamaxx Creatine has made it easier for him.  “It has an Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Booster which is ideal for higher intensity workouts,” he says, adding that it also boosts testosterone for faster muscle growth for people who want to bulk-up.  “It also reduces muscle inflammation.  Hence, you feel less sore after a workout.”


Of course, Atilio has his favourite antagonist sets that he feels could create a bigger, stronger and balanced physique.  Here are a few of his suggestions:


Dumbbell Press with Chin-Ups.  These are  great for the upper body and involves hanging and upper-back work from chin-ups.  They likewise complement each other and improves overhead mobility, functional strength and upper-body pump.


Leg Extension and Leg Curls.  This is actually considered a classic pairing and can be done by alternating the two execises and not just doing the different exercises in straight sets.  By doing so, the muscle groups involved will be “worked-out” thoroughly.


Heavy Chest with Light Row.  This plays two big muscle groups (i.e. chest and back) thereby causing increased blood flow to the muscles involved.  This results in greater upper body strength.  This combination of exercises has been greatly favoured by powerlifters as it helps them achieve better shoulder positions and enables them to control their shoulder blades, among others.


Calf Work with Weighted Dorsiflexion.  These exercises strengthen the shin muscles and helps prevent shin splints.  It helps in keeping the lower legs balanced and strong.


Squats with Hamstring Curls.  This particular set of exercises have likewise found favour among powerlifters as they aid in big lifts and are ideal for developing targeted muscles.  It also helps in developing a stronger and better squat form.


Atilio believes in complementing his daily workouts with supplements. “I take 1 capsule of Euphoriamaxx Creatine before my workouts, and take another capsule after my workout. That way, I don’t feel tired even if the intensity of my workout is very high”




Supersets are part of Atilio’s daily workouts.  He pairs specific exercises that make use of opposing muscle groups for a more complete and effective workout routine


Antagonist supersets are known for creating bigger, stronger and more balanced physiques



Atilio is one of Euphoria Maxx’s brand ambassadors.  He favors taking the Creatine variant prior to a workout because of the ATP booster in its ingredient that is ideal for high intensity workouts.



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